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Our Lady of Peace gets into Olympic spirit

Students at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Elementary School in Stoney Creek have been getting into the Olympic Spirit over the last few weeks.

Grade 5 students were divided into teams representing the top-nine Olympic countries, for a series of physical and mental challenges, including Olympic trivia.

Each day, teacher Sherrie Savelli kept her students updated on the medal count for Team Canada, and the other eight nations.

“The best part of this whole experience is not only how much excitement each student demonstrated or the thoughtful discussions that took place daily, but the pride each student had competing in their countries, the teamwork, dedication and sheer appreciation for true Olympic athletes, both Canadian and from around the world,” said Savelli. “My students clearly understood how much commitment is required from each athlete who makes it to the Olympic Games, both summer and winter. This understanding can be transferred to their personal goals in life both in and out of the classroom.”

At last count, Team Canada was leading the medal count, with well over 400 to its credit.

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