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LETTER: Lay off the ‘metal boxes’ that support your bus ride

re: How’s that bus lane working? (Letters, Nov. 28)
Hamilton runs over 200 HSR buses, which calculates to about 16 passengers per bus.
Do the math and see if 16 passengers cover the cost of the driver, fuel, equipment, support staff and administration of the bus system. Now I wonder if any of the “metal box” drivers’ taxes go to support the transit system?
Then we want “free roads and parking”! The last time I looked, your precious buses required the same roads as the metal boxes and I somehow doubt that your bus ridership is paying for them. Then calculate the employment of the “metal box” assembly plants, petroleum industries, service stations, tire stores, parts supply stores, and all of the industries created to manufacture these supplies. Now calculate the taxes paid through all of these industries and the people employed by them. Now add in the additional taxes paid to purchase the “metal box”, the high fuel tax we pay to run them, licencing fees, tire tax, parking fees, etc.  Plus the cost of our contribution to maintain a large insurance industry. Now look in the mirror with a straight face and say that we do not pay our fair share. Free? I think not.
Terry Horne
Hamilton Mountain

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