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You will shape the future of Hamilton with your vote
here are many out there who think that their vote won’t matter, or that their issues will be ignored no matter who gets elected, but I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case.
Editorial: Hamilton's People's Platform amounts to input by the few
While the People's Platform initiative was a good attempt at improving civic engagement in Hamilton, the results fell well short.

Do the recommendations of the People’s Platform represent your views?

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Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 5:05:46 PM
Leanne Pluthero selling T-shirts to help save Ancaster’s Hermitage ruins "Great article and thank you so much for writing this up! So glad to spread the word!"
Comment by Leanne0594
Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 6:06:05 AM
LETTER: Can’t sit back and let ISIS expand at will "ISIS is hardly Hitler who had created a regime in a country that already exists and not trying to carve one out of two other destablized countries. It is curious the author would rather commit ineffectual attacks that will draw further extremist atte"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Saturday, October, 11, 2014 - 5:05:15 PM
Will Hamilton's next mayor have urban or suburban vision and priorities? "As a suburbanite, and supporter of the city I'm pretty sure this part is wrong, "This will be the first time a mayoral candidate is trumpeting Hamilton’s suburbs to have a place at the decision-making table rather than just being the cash cow that "
Comment by George
Clark says McHattie has ‘conflict of interest’ to be Hamilton’s mayor
Hamilton mayoral candidate Brad Clark says Ward 1 councillor Brian McHattie, his competitor, is in a “conflict of interest” for the top job.
Vow to save Parkside from closure called ‘empty promise’
Opponents are accusing trustee candidate Bob Maton of making a promise he can’t keep by vowing to fight to keep Parkside High School open.
Mountain will see at least two new public school trustees on Oct. 27
Mountain voters will have elected at least two new public school trustees when polls close this Monday.
School closures, boundaries dominate Ward 11/12 trustee candidates forum
They avoided criticizing her directly, but the two candidates trying to unseat incumbent public school trustee Alex Johnstone in wards 11 and 12 both promised to do things differently if elected on Oct. 27.
Trustee candidates vow to represent Stoney Creek from outside wards
Having shown no real disagreement on the issues, the three candidates for Stoney Creek public school trustee finally highlighted their differences when an open forum turned the microphone over to the audience.
Hamilton mayoral candidates want Vision 2020 updated
Two of Hamilton’s mayoral candidates are proposing to updateHamilton’s Vision 2020 document with the help of the city’s youth and young professionals.
CanadidateMeetingAlec copyWEB
Dundas Ward 13 council candidates debate development
Future use of Parkside site among issues raised.
LETTER: Passionate people do passionate things
Re: Testy trustee forum (Oct. 16)
McHattie says mayoral race is between him and Eisenberger
Hamilton mayoral candidate Brian McHattie says former mayor Fred Eisenberger “hasn’t earned the right” become the next chief magistrate of the city.
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Hamilton mayoral candidates embrace Peoples' Platform Agenda
Most of Hamilton’s mayoral candidates can agree on at least one issue, that the city must reach out to citizens to hear their voices when politicians are debating the tough issues of the day.
Eisenberger says “millions” of dollars can be saved if service delivery report is implemented
Hamilton mayoral candidate Fred Eisenberger has castigated his two main opponents, Brad Clark and Brian McHattie, for sitting on their hands while ignoring potentially lucrative saving opportunities that could improve city services to suburban areas.
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Stoney Creek's Ward 9 candidates address King Street reconstruction issue
Contenders respond in their own words.
Ward 9 candidate Lee Austin says vandal put sugar in his gas tank
Council contender alleges dirty campaigning in Stoney Creek
Look to us for news, not endorsements
In many ways the whole notion of a news organization telling its readers who they should vote for seems rather paternalistic. Yes, we’ve been studying the candidates and are among the best informed people in the city on the issues, but every voter places a different emphasis on what’s important to them and their community.
In search of diversity at Hamilton city hall
During recent mayoral debates, gender and diversity issues have dominated the discussion, but a quick look around the council table reveals that Hamilton’s decision-makers don’t reflect the city’s diversity.
Ward 5 trustee hopeful nearly makes public forum
He didn’t make it to SirWinston Churchill Secondary School for last week’s all-candidates forum, but Ward 5 public school trustee hopeful Cahl Brown says it’s not for lack of effort.
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