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Old rock stars should be heard, not seen
I am not a fan of Geezer rock. I was reminded of this as I watched the closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics and saw The Who's last two surviving members, Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, on stage Sunday night.
Women's soccer team deserved better fate
We will never have success, as we should, as long as we play down terrible infractions in sports and especially during the Olympic games.

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Friday, November, 21, 2014 - 6:06:10 PM
Stoney Creek tree plantings aimed to ward off emerald ash borer "Lets be real though you cannot replace a tree. A tree lost is forever lost, the best you can do is plant others to mitigate the loss and perhaps someday come close to what once was years into the future. I say this because there is an epidemic in thi"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 7:07:37 PM
Column: Getting to know my great-grandfather "I very much enjoyed reading your column on your great-grandfather who died in the Great War. I often think of my grandmother's uncle, Ivan Newell Wallis, of Greensville who died in the Great War in Aug 1918 at the age of 20 years. I know a few things"
Comment by nswatters@yahoo.ca
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:53 PM
Chris Charlton hopeful about Remembrance Day bill "Unnecessary and a waste of time. What we need to put our efforts in is for actual services and aid for our veterans not an empty holiday so politicians can pretend for a day they care and to pump up patriotism so they can squeak harmful unpopular leg"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Hamilton’s Coolsaet has rough time in marathon
LONDON Reid Coolsaet isn’t one to avoid assessing his performance even when he is, to borrow his words, “out of it.” The 33-year-old Hamilton native has spent the past 10 months educating — through countless media obligations — the Canadian public on the vagaries, history and impossible demands of his chosen torture. So he wasn’t going to bail out Sunday even right after “bonking” for the first time during a competitive marathon.
Steve Russell/Toronto Star
Bronze medal feels like gold
COVENTRY What really made this so memorable, as in all great drama, was the complete and utter unexpectedness. Not just in the final line of the final scene of the final act, but through the entire play.
Steve Russell Toronto Star
Canadian women's soccer team wins bronze
The Canadian women's soccer team shook off the crushing defeat to the United States earlier in the week to win the bronze medal today in a dramatic 1-0 victory over France at City of Coventry Stadium.
Rod Jerred
Soccer team was golden
Let’s try to focus on the positive. As we watch the Canadian women’s soccer team compete for the bronze medal against France today, let’s not grumble about what might have been, or what should have been, if not for some questionable calls by a referee during Monday’s heartbreaking loss to Team USA.
Sinclair won't be suspended for comments following soccer game
Canadian star Christine Sinclair will not be suspended following remarks she made after losing a semi-final to the U.S. on Monday.
LETTER: Soccer women golden in our eyes
I would like to congratulate the Canadian Olympic women’s soccer team for an outstanding performance in the game against the U.S. last Monday.
LETTER: Proud of our Canadian athletes’ competitive spirit
After watching the Olympics, may I say how proud I was of the competitive spirit of our Canadian athletes.
Dickens' career ends on his birthday
LONDON You do anything for 22 years — let alone something that demands such total physical and psychological commitment — and it comes to an end, the surprise would be if you DIDN’T cry. So there was Scott Dickens, uninhibited and unashamed, reviewing the final day of his swimming career through halting sentences and with brimming eyes.
Steve Russell/Toronto Star
'I feel robbed': Tancredi
OLD TRAFFORD It could have been them. Upon further review, it should have been them. And, because it wasn’t, the Canadian women’s soccer team had trouble exiting the historic ghost-evoking pitch here Monday night. They lingered and lingered, tear-drenched, physically and emotionally wracked, and ultimately incensed after two-plus hours of some of the most riveting 11-aside football you’ll ever witness.
U.S. soccer women use 'illegal' tactics:Canadian coach
MANCHESTER, ENGLAND—Call it a legitimate complaint. Or call it a big underdog trying to gain some sort of mental edge on the eve of a big game at the Olympics. Either way, the coach of the Canadian women’s soccer team took a swipe at the Americans on Sunday, accusing the U.S. team of “highly illegal” tactics
Canadians can't complete basketball dream
LONDON – Canada’s basketball women dug their way out of a deep hole against the second-ranked team in the world Sunday, but an unlucky cluster of fouls killed their rally in the game’s final minute.
Canadians hoping for upset at Old Trafford
Bobby Charlton-a member of Manchester Unit's Holy Trinity, along with Denis Law and George Best - famously labelled it the "Theatre of Dreams." The women on Canada's Olympic soccer team certainly know what he meant. They want their dream to extend - at the cost of a nightmare for their oldest rivals - and maybe the field of fantasy that is Old Trafford, Man U's legendary home pitch, can be of help. And help is likely to be needed.
Steve Russell/Toronto Star
Team Canada muscles way into women's final four
COVENTRY, ENGLAND—By the standards of this gritty, mid-sized burg, Friday evening was a bit of an occasion.
Steve Russell/Toronto Star
Ancaster's Tancredi on target for Canada
LONDON She has developed the reputation as one of the clutch snipers in Canadian women’s soccer history, but she never dreamt she’d complete the first week of play as the leading goal scorer in the Olympics.
Ramsden completes Olympic competition
Dundas resident Denise Ramsden finished 19th in the Olympic women’s cycling time trial, Wednesday, about four minutes behind the gold medal winner.
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