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Orioles cool Pirates

In Ancaster Vets Slo-Pitch action the Braves overwhelmed the plucky Sox 21-10. Serge Frappiano and Don Nikulka were both four for-four-, and Jean Marc LeClair added three hits. Geoff Burman pitched a strong game with defensive help from Mark Edmondson and Lyle Bentham. Darren Stockley singled, doubled and tripled for the Sox and added five RBIs. Dan Carter and Chuck Gilson punched three hits each. Shortstop Art Rinsma had an amazing game.

The Orioles cooled off the red-hot Pirates 12-4 behind the solid pitching of Mike Gustar and the great game of Matt DiTomasso. Neil Panabaker and Frank Accomando pounded the ball. Mark Carlton, Scott Murray, Wayne Watson and Pete Grubac responded for the Bucks. Jim Gaudry pitched a good game, suppored by the solid glove-work of Jim Banyard, Wayne Watson and Steve Davis.

Doug Farrell and Frank Troisi led the Indians to a 15-9 victory over the Marlins. John DeZoete sparkled in right field. Solid first-sacker Rich Higgens made a leaping catch to support Rick Pearson’s excellent pitching. Pete Grubac and Rick MacKenzie played their usual stellar game in defeat for the Marlins.

The Jays edged the Giants 7-6. Joel Smith tripled and ended the game with a shoestring catch in centre field. Ron Lacroix pitched a great game and fielded his position well. Phil Scheiding stroked three hits and played a strong right field. Al Borsellino starred for the hard-luck Giants, and Greg Wilson played a surprisingly strong game.

Ray D’Andrade smacked a clutch double with two out in the bottom of the seventh to win another last-inning for the cardiac A’s 10-9.  Henry Kirchner went the distance, while Carl Fiamelli and Brian McKeown led the A’s attack. Danny Nelson and Ray Beitz twisted a sharp twin-killing to squelch a redbirds rally. Tim Blore starred for the Cards, with help from Dave Sawatzki and Doug Parsons.

Frank Hruska and Mike Harris pitched brilliantly to lead the Dodgers to a 17-3 thumping of the Tigers. Phil Tiessen was outstanding at third, Pete Brakewell belted a homer and added three more hits, and Ray Beitz hammered the ball and played a great left field in his third game of the day. Jim Jenks and John Sullivan pounded three hits each, and super-shortstop Chris Chevalier blasted two to the right-field fence. Ken Moulden pitched a strong game for the Tigers, and Jack Jung hit the ball hard.

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