Top 10 reasons to call Abrams Towing Services
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Top 10 reasons to call Abrams Towing Services

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It’s conceivable that you have never had to call upon the expertise of Hamilton’s number 1 towing and recovery company, Abrams Towing Services.  However, other than the obvious, can you imagine what the top 10 reasons are for making “that” call?

If you ever run into trouble on the roads, it can be a difficult experience. First things first: stay calm, and remain so — you have some decisions to make.

Here are common 10 reasons why you may find yourself calling Abrams Towing Services in Hamilton at 905-304-9387.

While you consider yourself an excellent driver, things happen. Through no fault of your own, you find yourself in a fender bender, or worse. Is the car drivable? If not, make that call — after calling 911 first, of course.

What if your vehicle’s engine overheats and the radiator blows during a heatwave? Call.

Same if there is a transmission or power steering problem and your car is undriveable.

One of the more common reasons to make the call is running out of gas. It happens, and no, it’s not a situation exclusive to men, despite what some wives might think!

What if your truck slides off the road and runs into a ditch? While putting on winter tires in November may have helped, here you are in need of assistance.

Tires lose pressure. It happens. If you find yourself with a flat tire and without a spare, call Abrams. They’ll bring your car to a mechanic or re-inflate your tire to get you on your way. Not everyone knows how to change a flat tire. It can be messy. A tow truck can either take care of things roadside or get you to a service station for a repair.

Perhaps you met a friend for coffee and you did not turn off your car’s lights. An hour or two later, your vehicle’s older battery may fail. Then what? Call Abrams.

Another reason to call? You lock your keys inside the car. It happens. A capable operator may be able to open a door for you.

Abrams Towing Services  is the largest certified towing company in Canada — your towing resource in the region, regardless of your circumstances. Call 905-304-9387 or toll-free at 1-800-267-4594, and they will restore order to your day. Follow them on Facebook  and Twitter.

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