When to hire a personal injury lawyer
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When to hire a personal injury lawyer

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Personal injury lawyers, Flaherty Sloan Hatfield in Hamilton, see firsthand the fallout when people make the mistake of not involving personal injury lawyers when they’ve been the victim of an accident. What follows is an overview of when to hire a personal injury lawyer.

If you’ve suffered an injury due to a motor vehicle accident, negligence (including professional negligence), a fall, an assault, or any number of potential reasons that may have resulted in harm to you, you absolutely must consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Often enough, injuries are serious. Accident victims are frequently left in need of months or even years of physiotherapy and treatments. Sometimes people are left disabled. There are also cases where accident victims aren’t aware of the long-term effect of an injury. If you suffered whiplash in an auto accident, what happens if down the road you develop ongoing neck and back problems? What if you develop chronic pain or, worse yet, mobility issues?

It’s true that most people are covered by insurance, but if you’re hurt, you dare not leave your fate in the hands of insurance companies. Insurance companies are often inclined to contest the nature and severity of your injuries and claimed damages, thereby refusing compensation – or, in the very least, not compensating sufficiently. It’s a fact of the world that we often have to fight for what’s right – for our “just” treatment. Put another way, no insurance company will go to bat for you, and certainly not in the way a personal injury lawyer will who’s dedicated to your cause.

One of the pitfalls many accident victims make is assuming they can undertake their own case, thereby navigating the ins-and-outs of insurance claims and the legal terrain. But consider this: Personal injury law is a specialized area of the law. To draw a parallel, would you prescribe medical care to someone close to you if you have no medical training? Law is much the same; the legal expertise involved in a personal injury leaves no room for assumptions and guesswork.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, it’s important that you consult with a personal injury lawyer without delay. Hiring a lawyer early in the process will benefit you enormously for a number of reasons. For one, questions from the insurance company will be forthcoming. Depending on the situation, the police may also have questions. Your lawyer will handle those questions for you from their position as an expert in the law. Furthermore, depending on the case and its complexity, disputes could arise, as could other consequences that you aren’t able to foresee.

In Hamilton, personal injury lawyers Flaherty Stone Hatfield, dedicate their services to personal injury and insurance claims. The firm’s expertise is extensive and the lawyers have over 75 years of combined experience, appearing in every court in Ontario.

Contact Flaherty Stone Hatfield by calling 905-522-9994 or email info@flashlaw.ca. You can also use the Live Consultation button on the company website to discuss your situation immediately. The firm is pleased to speak with you for no charge.

The Law Firm of Flaherty Sloan Hatfield is located at 374 Main Street West, Hamilton, Ontario. Read more at www.flashlaw.ca.

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