Protecting Your Children’s Sight
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Protecting Your Children’s Sight

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Adhering to the recommendations for testing children’s eyesight is not only an investment in their development but could possibly save them from vision loss associated with some vision problems in children.

Dr. Douglas DenBak & Associates Eye Care Clinic in Niagara advises parents follow the recommendations set out by the American Optometric Association. Babies at 6 months of age should have a comprehensive eye exam and again at 3 years of age then at 5 or 6 as they enter kindergarten. During the school years, children who don’t require glasses should be tested every two years while children requiring a prescription should be tested annually as their vision can change as quickly as they grow.

A thorough Optometrist will want to review your family history and your child’s medical information to familiarize them with their birth history, birth weight and if they were full term. Be sure to discuss any concerns you have such as delayed motor development, frequent eye rubbing, blinking or difficulties focusing or tracking objects.

Children may not recognize vision problems and assume what they are experiencing is normal so you cannot always rely on them to let you know if there is a problem.

There are different evaluations for infants and preschool age.

Infant eye testing

-Testing their pupil response to see if it is in the normal range

-Their ability to fixate and follow and object with their eyes

-Preferential looking tests that use cards that are blank on one side with stripes on the other

Preschool age testing

-Eye tests using LEA charts with objects like apples and circles replacing letters

-Performing a retinoscopy ( a light in their eye) to determine how it reflects from the retina

-Random dot stereopsis to determine how the eyes work as a team

For more information about eye examinations for children and the vision problems that can affect them visit the website here for Dr. Douglas DenBak & Associates Eye Care Clinic.

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