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Small girl makes a big impact


This is the time of year where many of us are charitable and think of those less fortunate.

We are urged to donate non-perishables to the food bank, warm clothing for the homeless, to serve food during holidays and to give new toys to children who won’t be enjoying a traditional family Christmas.

I would like to share a story of a five-year-old girl with more compassion, empathy and desire to make a difference than any adult I’ve met. She asks nothing in return, except the generosity of her family, friends and peers.

I often hear from her mother this time of year asking if she can send me a list of things Isabella is collecting. I feel that many would give if they were able to tear themselves away from trying to keep pace with the world and look at the bigger picture.

Isabella not only sees it, but her heart immediately goes out and her leadership skills kick in on the way to making a difference.

Isabella would never ask for recognition but there are many of us who believe her story should be shared with our community to remind us that it doesn’t take moving a mountain to make a difference.

Here is a small list of some of the charitable projects she has taken on as she learns of various causes:
• collected non-perishable food items for Food Share Hamilton with help from family, friends and classmates
• collected toys and games for sick kids hospital for the last two years
• collected pop tabs to assist the Miss All Canadian ambassador raise money for Guide dogs Canada
• Collected items for the SPCA

I am sad to admit that I am one of these people who get caught up in day-to-day life and forget to think about making a difference. Isabella reminds me every year that there are people who need my help.
Isabella has an important message and is one of many special little people who will make a difference in Hamilton’s future.

I will do my utmost to pass these qualities on to my own daughter as she gets older.

Angela Mallory

One Response to “Small girl makes a big impact”

  1. BRIDGET says:

    Isabella, is a wonderful little girl and will do her home Hamilton so much good when she is older,

    You can always count on Isabella to do her part in helping the Ambassador of the Miss All Canadian Pageant with fund Raising events, she collected many toys this year and last year for sick kids to help my daughter out with the fund raising event for sick kids hospital treasure chest for the Miss All Canadian Pageant

    Nearly every Pageant she comes with a bag of Pop Tabs that she collected for us to turn into bracelets to Help with Raising money for Dog Guides Ontario

    She collected dog food to help out another pageant girl last summer for the SPCA

    and I know this year she added to her achievements by collecting food for the local food bank in her own town

    when help is needed you can always count on Isabella and her mother to be the first to put up there hand and help out

    Aaisha is very greatful to have Isabella part of her team keep up the great work Isabella

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