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Problem with bullying is that it works

Re: Bullying can’t be legislated out of existence, Stoney Creek News, Dec. 6

The golden rule as concept predates Christian doctrine and reaches  back into antiquity.

Every religion, major or little known, has expressed this ideal in words that their listeners would have no difficulty understanding. It  is as though the concept is encoded in our DNA.  We might name it ‘conscience’

And of course it can’t be legislated.

The problem with bullying is that it works. Especially to get what we   want. And power is the ultimate desire. To understand this we need to look no further than the House of Commons in our national capital.

Our young people are smart and quick learners and this is not lost on  them. They know that bullying is rewarded with power. And many of the  bullies call themselves Christian.

To claim that we have the only true words that speak to all  humankind, and then claim the privileged right to instruct them is  arrogance –  i.e. bullying.

We cannot legislate.

We CAN demonstrate.

Margaret Janack
Stoney Creek

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