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Which days should be sacred?

Re: Easter Sunday should be sacred — not for shopping (Letters, Nov. 8)

Although I’m always intrigued by what letter writer Paul Kokoski has to say (in a watching-a-train-wreck kind of way) I’m always in disagreement with his extremist views.

Growing up Catholic myself, I recognize these extremist views.

Take his latest opinion regarding shopping on holidays and Sunday. I ask: which Lord’s Day? The Jewish Sabbath is Saturday. It’s the same for the Seventh Day Adventists. Should that be the day we have off? Islam might prefer Friday — how about that one?

Also, sacred to whom? And how is shopping stopping that? After all, everyone has the right to decline work on their holy days.

The truth is that we are not a country that holds to only one belief. Having said that, we would be better served by having holidays not be related to actual holy days and making all holidays secular would be better for everyone.

Give the people some long weekends spread out throughout the year in recognition of certain events, such as Canada Day, Remembrance Day, etc. None of these days should have any religious connections whatsoever, especially just one religious view.


Alan d’Eon


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