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Unions have no right to meddle in the democratic process

Re: Union leaders donít want spring election (April 17)

The Stoney Creek News recently published an article about a visit from Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour.

Apparently, Mr. Ryan has been quite vocal regarding the potential spring election, making comments suggesting that an election is unlikely due to the fact that union leaders don’t want one. This may be news to Mr. Ryan, but union leaders are not the ultimate authority in terms of when Ontarians are allowed to vote. I understand that Andrea Horwath has a tendency to appease the demands of union leadership officials, but unions have no right to meddle in our democratic process.

Ryan says that polls are a large factor in his “decision” on whether or not to support an election. In other words, the democratic will of Ontarians is only important if polls reflect the result that he would like to see.

How typical.

Elaine Smith

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