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Thanks for everything Councillor Morelli

On behalf of Mission Services I would like to express our sincere regrets at the passing of Ward 3 councillor Bernie Morelli.

I have had the privilege of speaking with him several times and was always impressed by the genuine expression of love and concern for the people of Hamilton.

When Mission Services moved to Ward 3, he consistently kept tabs on us, ensuring that our presence would benefit this community. He had a hands-on approach to understanding the evolving community needs, was quick to offer ideas and support that would make the community a better place.

His genuine love and concern for the people of Hamilton was evident and we would often see him walking along Barton Street speaking to business owners and community residents. His passing represents a loss for Hamilton that will be felt for many years but the legacy of caring that he has left will remain with us.

We extend our prayers to his family as this time of great challenge.

Carol Cowan,
Interim Executive Director,
Mission Services

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