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Students leaving Parkside High School in Dundas is self-fulfilling prophecy

Robert James, Dundas

Re: Enrolment drop bolsters school closure decisions, Dec. 20.

The article on recent lower, school enrolments “bolstering the decision of the board” bolsters my cynicism about our board of education and its decisions.

This board—”our” board — has consistently underfunded the maintenance of both Dundas high schools, and has so severely underfunded Parkside, in particular, that it remains habitable only because it was so well-built in the first place.

The trustees have, over the last decade at least, moved many of the programs that our local students desire into the city, primarily to Westdale. The board appears to be under the assumption that it is easy for Dundas students to travel to Hamilton, but not for Hamilton students to venture into Dundas.

So we have, for all our tax money, two underfunded and under-programmed high schools in Dundas. Is it any wonder that many in the student population are going to other schools that have more programming and better funding?

This is a self-fulfilling prophecy on the part of the board of education. Shame on them.

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