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Roads don’t just benefit car owners

Re: Buses are for the best, Dec. 5

Last week’s letter in defence of bus lanes makes two key false assumptions.

The first is that the costs are paid by the provincial government, not the Hamilton taxpayer. Whether or not the funds are coming from the provincial or the municipal level, the funds are always coming from we taxpayers — it’s not a free lunch.

The second point of disagreement is that those of us who don’t own cars and don’t drive on city streets don’t benefit from money spent on roads. Tonnes of goods are moved every day in order to keep a city moving and its people fed and working.  That commerce can’t take place without good roads, and we all benefit by having them. It can’t all be replaced by buses.

I don’t drive, but I’m not yet a supporter of the buses only lane. If it’s bad for commerce, it’s bad for our economy and our city. I’m waiting for the results of the pilot experiment without ideological-based blind support.

Tabitha Dearval

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