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Nice to get the Mountain News

Re: Remembrance Day

After reading the Nov. 8 Mountain News I just wanted  to commend you on the great stories you share with us on a regular basis but especially in this issue.

It was great to read so many heart-wrenching yet also heartwarming stories in connection with Remembrance Day. The “Hamilton resident recalls time as a hidden child” struck a cord with me as our family provided shelter as well to people in danger including a boy from Amsterdam who had no food.

I remember the joy in our village as shouts of “the Canadians are coming” echoed through the town, my mother immediately invited them in for a meal.

I find that the Mountain News brings us many stories with a positive spin on things, which will hopefully spur us on to be neighbourly and inspire us to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes.

Your weekly paper also gives me the” feeling of living in a village instead of a large city.

Having delivered the Mountain News with its accompanying flyers to almost 200 addresses for over five years now has been rewarding as my “customers” look forward to getting them and it forces me to take the doctor ordered walks I might otherwise not do.

The fact that you provide them free of charge is also a plus for those on a tight budget.

Keep up the good work!

Minnie Meyer

Hamilton Mountain

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