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Money better spent on road repairs

Re: Money for nothing, March 20, 2014

I thought the March 20 editorial was spot on the mark. As a veteran from the 1940s I have a fairly low pension and with the price of every thing continually going up it becomes harder and harder to make ends meet. We cannot afford to invest in the LRT. We have some of the worst roads in Canada and they need to be fixed and fixed properly the first time. I’m sure most people would rather see the money spent on the roads and better bus service. If you stay out later than 9 p.m. you could have trouble finding a bus.

Even if we receive money from the province, it is still paid for out of our taxes. If that useless Metrolinx was done away with that would be a great start. May I suggest you pay them a visit sometime and see the waste that goes on there. Too many chiefs and too many others.

Improve the bus service first.

Frank Kitts
Hamilton Mountain

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