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Looking for her father

I was born on April 18, 1959 at St Joseph’s Hospital and my birth name was Dawn Audrey Wood. My mother’s name was Barbara Crossley Wood. As far as I know my father’s name is Jeffrey Sanders and he was a car mechanic. My mother is now 76, so I should imagine that he will be in his late 70’s early 80’s.

I left Canada with my UK born mother in Nov. 1964 and I now know that my parents maintained contact for some time as I have recently received some cards that were sent all those years ago. It made me feel quite sad for the lost years and opportunity to get to know him and his (my) family.

I remember that he used to pick me up on Saturdays and take me out for Campbell’s tomato soup and crackers. I also remember that he was at the airport when we left, I lost my favorite teddy bear and he ran to buy me a new one. I can remember his face though I have no photographs. I am told by my mother that I look like him, and my children look like me so I often wonder does he ever think about me and wonder about them. I feel that he does.

When my mother and I lived in Canada we lived with a wonderful woman called Mum Powell. I returned to Canada when I was 21 and spent two weeks with her and her family. I have many childhood memories of Mum Powell, Bruce, her son, who was just a little older than me and daughter Karen, who was younger than me. Mum Powell also had two grown up daughters, I lost contact with them in the mid 80s, when I moved to Ghana, some thing I regret.

Dawn Audrey Wood
United Kingdom

If you have any information you’d like to share regarding Dawn’s Canadian family send it to and it will be passed along to her.

Thanks to a reader the family of Mum Powell has been found and is now in contact with Dawn Audrey Wood. While they don’t know the whereabouts of Wood’s father Jeffrey Sanders, they will be assisting in the ongoing search for him.

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