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LETTER: School critics should offer new approach to closures

re: Entire school closure process dysfunctional, needs repair (Community Columnist, March 6)
There have been many articles criticizing the board’s ARC processes, however I haven’t read any that suggest a better approach.
The author asserts that the ARC process is “manipulated to suit their (board employees’) internal agenda.” What agenda? As a parent of two children in the public school system, a school council rep and a taxpayer, I believe that they are working in the best interests of everyone, especially the children.
If it is so flawed, why aren’t we pushing to have the process revised with the board and the Ministry of Education (as they set the guidelines for the accommodation reviews)?
The author notes that the ARC process maintains “the self-fulfilling prophecy of declining enrolments.” If true, how does it ultimately benefit the board to basically put themselves and teachers out of work?
I also question whether having walkable schools is valued anymore. At many schools, children who live within walking distance or are already on a bus route are driven to school, helping to clog surrounding streets and school parking lots.
Ultimately, an ARC process is about compromise and unfortunately there’s no quick and easy answer to reaching one.
Scott Dicker
Hamilton Mountain

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