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LETTER: Disappointed in all political parties

It seems to me that the NDP and its leader should be asking questions that people like myself would like to ask.
Like why do we not hear questions re U.S. Steel declining to meet their commitment to Stelco workers and the City of Hamilton.
Why did the Tories enter into an agreement and then not appear to be following up on the fact of protectionist policies by the American government?
It seems that the Canadian government is willing to spend billions of dollars to aid other countries and decline to take any interest in the Canadian labour force being dumped on by our so-called good neighbours to the south.
I find it disgraceful that the Conservative government have thumbed noses at Canadians and circumvented laws to their and their friends benefits.
I am disappointed in the NDP, both federally and provincially, and feel in both cases they are not really looking after their constituents or the country as a whole.
There seems to be just pockets and areas that are considered. In most cases, these areas and pockets do Canada very little good.
G.A. Soehner
Hamilton Mountain

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