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LETTER: Lobbyist registry ensures accountability, transparency
re: Is registration the right answer? (Editorial, April 10)
Stolen rowboat had a good home
My name is Jacob. I’m 10 years old.

Should Hamilton create its own lobbyist registry?

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Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 3:03:44 PM
Stoney Creek's King Street set for $6.5-million facelift in 2015 "Hope they will put in bicycle lanes from Centenial to Gray's road with turning lane in centre where there's space. Right now from Gray's to Applewood the sidewalk is right next to a lane of traffic where the speeds are usually in excess of 60 kph. A"
Comment by dougag1
Thursday, March, 27, 2014 - 2:02:58 PM
LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT "One can also remember the Electric Trolley BUS that ran in Hamilton but the City Fathers at that time did not want electric wires above the streets. This system worked great. They could get around accidents and even make detours with the help of a to"
Comment by texascanuk
Monday, March, 24, 2014 - 1:01:56 PM
LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT "The LRT will operate with the traffic signals using transit priority pre-emption. Resident's of Hamilton should research how other municipalities in Southern Ontario are implementing the design and operation of the LRT prior to making false statement"
Comment by chris444
Class and conviction is what winning is all about
I have to applaud the combined efforts of Highland/Parkside high school’s senior girls waterpolo team for winning a bronze medal.
Vandalism knows no age limit
During last Sunday’s lovely morning, my wife and I were disheartened to see, in broad daylight, an act of vandalism.
Praise, not scorn, frugality
Reporter Kevin Warner compared councillor Scott Duval’s expense account of almost $11,000 with “stingy” Judi Partridge’s negligible claim of $30.
LETTER: Irony of new board HQ not lost during closures
re: School closures, funding
LETTER: Columnist needs to learn insurance rates not driven up by one driver
re: Don’t hate me because I’m a young, male driver (Community Columnist, April 3)
Rethink education spending
The writer correctly states school closures are occurring because the current Ontario education funding formula has passed its before date. School boards are the victims of that formula, not its advocates.
HCA advisory board didn’t make dedicated effort to elicit opinion
In this article, Chris Firth-England, CAO of Hamilton Conservation Authority, states there have been open houses, and the public consultation process offered plenty of chances to comment, including at an open house, an advisory board meeting dedicated to the proposal and through the authority’s website.
Thank you for wonderful gift
A wonderful gift was given to me about a month ago.
No scientific or ethical justification for spring bear hunt
Scientifically and ethically, there is no justification for a spring bear hunt. Bear hunting season currently runs from Aug. 15 to Nov. 30.
LETTER: Disappointed in all political parties
It seems to me that the NDP and its leader should be asking questions that people like myself would like to ask.
Money better spent on road repairs
I thought the March 20 editorial was spot on the mark. As a veteran from the 1940s I have a fairly low pension and with the price of every thing continually going up it becomes harder and harder to make ends meet. We cannot afford to invest in the LRT. We have some of the worst roads in Canada and they need to be fixed and fixed properly the first time. I’m sure most people would rather see the money spent on the roads and better bus service. If you stay out later than 9 p.m. you could have trouble finding a bus.
LETTER: HWDSB foundation shouldn’t be dipping into its reserves
re: School trustees question lack of say on charity changes (March 13)
LETTER: Trustees: Defend kids, don’t compromise values
I feel for you, I do not envy you
We need outside-the-box ideas
I was extremely disappointed to hear Brad Clark say that “if people in Hamilton don’t like council’s decision, (regarding Sanctuary city) then they don’t have to live here.”
Privacy is not worth 25 per cent insurance rate reduction
By now, you may have seen or heard one of the car insurance advertisements claiming to reduce your rates by up to 25 per cent.
Nature not a ledger but spring bear hunt isn’t the answer
Sustainable populations of black bears do not mean static. An equal birth/death ratio is impossible, and nature is not a ledger, but has fluctuations that are natural.
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