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LETTER: Hard to sympathize over Cardinal Heights
Re: Under review (July 17)
LETTER: Pro-life group wrong to target business frequented by families
Families with children do not seem likely to be the most abortion-minded people.

Was the meeting between the Minister of Transportation and the city important?

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Thursday, July, 31, 2014 - 7:07:25 PM
Dundas gateway park on Veldhuis site set to go green — at least on surface "I drive by that site every day, so I was wondering what the green stuff was; thanks for the update!"
Comment by Dundastan
Tuesday, July, 29, 2014 - 7:07:41 PM
Nora Frances Henderson to be honoured as this year’s Greatest Hamiltonian "This is great BUT they took her name off the Nora Francis Henderson Hospital because someone had more money to spend. The same thing happened to Victor K. Copps Coliseum."
Comment by texascanuk
Tuesday, July, 29, 2014 - 12:12:04 PM
LETTER: Pro-life group wrong to target business frequented by families "Well said, and I couldn't agree more. A couple weeks ago this group was set up at the on and off ramps to the Linc at Upper Wentworth. They were also too cowardly to sit in front of their signs, with their faces showing. I cannot see the point of thi"
Comment by Kerri
Ancaster's Spring Valley Arena renovation miscalculation must be record
I was not surprised to learn councillor Lloyd Ferguson was “blown away” when city staff advised him that the renovation to dressing rooms at Spring Valley Arena had jumped from $400,000 to $1.2 million.
Blame MPP McMeekin and Premier Wynne for Dundas' Parkside closure
MPP Ted McMeekin and Premier Kathleen Wynne should be thoroughly condemned for the closure of Parkside High School, the only secondary school located in downtown Dundas.
Hamilton Community News leads the way in cancer fight with Relay for Life support
Thank you to Hamilton Community News and senior editor Debra Downey for their support of the 2014 Relay for Life Ancaster Dundas and their commitment to the Canadian Cancer Society Hamilton Wentworth unit. They have joined over 70,000 others across Ontario to celebrate, remember and fight back against cancer.
LETTER: Thanks to thoughtful worker who helped me
I would like to thank the lady at the cheese counter at Fortinos on Mall Road July 6 for assisting me
Hamilton police under Chief De Caire doing a great job
In my opinion the re-appointment of Chief Glenn De Caire is a good thing for the City of Hamilton and the surrounding suburbs.
HWDSB house system in Ancaster must respect freedom
Thank you for bringing this item to our attention again.
Beloved Jerseyville dog back home
On Saturday, June 28, at about 10:30 p.m., I was taking my daughter’s dog for a little walk on Sunnyridge Road in Jerseyville.
LETTER: Lillian Orban stood up for everyone’s interests
Re: Trustee’s final goal to preserve Hill Park land for public use (July 3)
LETTER: Time to crack down on garbage day thieves
Re: City fights back against copper thieves, May 1
LETTER: Concession Street’s renaissance
You also have easy access to downtown by car, public transportation, or two sets of pedestrian stairs.
LETTER: Linden Park the loser in a proximity war
I don’t think it had been recognized how the small school also shares within its boundaries a French immersion school and a Catholic school.
LETTER: Kudos to Hill Park alumni for send-off
Congrats to the Hill Park Alumni and organizers for a great day and evening June 14.
LETTER: Legacy awards in limbo with school closures
It’s interesting to note that while the Catholic school board embraces its heritage, the public board is making every effort to deny theirs ever existed.
LETTER: Abortion message lost in method
To the group that holds the graphic signs on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway overpasses:
LETTER: Thief stole memories of my father
I am thoroughly disgusted.
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