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LETTER: Time to crack down on garbage day thieves

Re: City fights back against copper thieves, May 1
I was a victim of a theft of metal and an exercise bike from my driveway. The metal was the frame for an above-ground pool; the bike belonged to a friend.
The metal undoubtedly was taken to a scrap yard, worth maybe $30, but for me to replace will cost about $1,800. The bike was new and worth $400.
This is the third time metal items were taken from my driveway. Each garbage day brings trucks and vans up my street looking for metal items in the trash. They slow down, have a look and move on. In my case, they noted the large items and decided to grab later in the evening; my daughter heard noise around midnight.
Clearly this had gotten out of hand. I am sure I am not the only one who is missing metal items. I do not have a garage, which makes it hard to protect my belongings. After reading about aluminum seating being stolen from a city park, I look out my window each morning  and I am amazed the stands are still at Inch Park.
I would like the city to enforce bylaws around garbage picking and start charging these folks. A few people have clearly ruined a good thing for many persons who honestly collect scrap metal.
Stewart McNeil
Hamilton Mountain

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