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LETTER: Thanks to thoughtful worker who helped me

I would like to thank the lady at the cheese counter at Fortinos on Mall Road July 6 for assisting me when I told her that I was feeling light-headed and requested a drink with sugar.
Right away she sat me down on a chair and after a brief moment she brought me some orange juice. I drank the juice and she told me not to leave until I felt better.
I stayed for about 10 minutes; during this time she kept on checking on me in spite of her work.
During my predicament I forgot to get her name.
If she happens to read this letter, she will know who I am.
The employees were very caring and helpful, kudos to them. If we had more people like them, this world would be a better place.
Thank you all again for assisting me in my situation. May you all be richly blessed.
Madge Richards
Hamilton Mountain

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