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LETTER: Teachers need to return to acting professionally

As a professional engineer, I am proud of my profession and the fact that we consider ourselves true professionals.
We have our own code of conduct and code of ethics, aimed at conducting ourselves in a manner that must always have the public’s well-being and safety in mind. We would never compromise those ethics or allow those codes of conduct to be superseded by any outside influences or union directives.
Our association only educates and reminds our professional engineers to conduct themselves in a competent and morally responsible manner to ensure the public’s well-being is served. That is the mark of a profession.
As for teaching being referred to as a profession, my concern is the recent behavior of teacher’s union spokespersons and hopefully a vocal minority amongst their union membership leads me to think otherwise.
It’s sad to say but, if things continue this way, such unprofessionalism may lead the public to consider privatization of schools as a better option. At least with privatization, teachers have to compete for limited jobs and have to maintain a certain performance level to retain their job at that particular school.
No job will be guaranteed for life and public complaints to that private school regarding the quality of teaching will be taken seriously and responded to.
Perhaps in this scenario, that professionalism may return.
Craig Hagopian
Hamilton Mountain

One Response to “LETTER: Teachers need to return to acting professionally”

  1. kozushi says:

    Are you not an engineer “for life?” Without specifics it is hard for me to understand just what you mean by them acting “unprofessional.” If you were more clear, then teachers reading this might be able to learn something from your article. I haven’t noticed any of this “unprofessionalism” that you are stating you have noticed. As I understand it, they want the right to discuss terms of employment with their employer, the local school board. I assume that you have the right to discuss terms of employment with your employer or clients, no? I understand the teachers but I do not understand you.

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