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LETTER: Soccer women golden in our eyes

I would like to congratulate the Canadian Olympic women’s soccer team for an outstanding performance in the game against the U.S. last Monday.
Unfortunately, contrary to what the announcers said, you were not beaten — you were robbed by poor officiating. That referee should not be allowed to officiate anything more than a peewee game, if even that.
But I’m sure I speak for all Canadians when I say you’re still golden in our eyes.
Jeff Bonner
Hamilton Mountain

One Response to “LETTER: Soccer women golden in our eyes”

  1. mm2 says:

    The Canadian team deserves to be congratulated for their effort in the semi-final match against the US. Most of the Canadian team played well, competitively and decently. To be fair, though, discussion about the ref’s calls shouldn’t overlook a non-call regarding Melissa Tancredi’s vicious stomping on Carli Lloyd’s head in the 55th minute ( ). If a red card had been issued — as fitting — Canada would have had to play the rest of the match with 10 players, very likely resulting in the US still winning.

    M. Martin
    Waldport, Oregon USA

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