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LETTER: School funding formula needs revamp

Parents and students have been expressing concern and frustration over school closures. The McGuinty/Wynne governments have ignored the problems that are causing these closures.
Ontario’s educational funding formula is materially flawed; funds are allocated based on enrollment figures, resulting in skewed allocations and placing unreasonable financial burdens on certain school boards. Many schools experience fluctuating enrollment figures due to demographic changes that are short-term and beyond their control.
The Liberals have expressed no desire or will to reform this broken funding formula and the NDP has propped up this flawed formula by supporting the Liberals.
The Liberal/NDP coalition has pitted neighhour against neighbour. Let’s unite in recognizing that the root cause of the school closures is the Liberal/NDP coalition support of the current funding formula.
It’s time to evaluate and reform the funding formula, which appears to be what the Ontario PC party is willing to address.
Brent Towsley
Hamilton Mountain

One Response to “LETTER: School funding formula needs revamp”

  1. AinslieWood says:

    If the Conservatives are the only party willing to stop the senseless school closures, they’ll have a big advantage in the next election. The Liberal-NDP coalition is hurting kids, esp. low income kids. I’m hoping Tim Hudak will try to rescue our betrayed community.

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