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LETTER: Remember June 12, it’s about time for change

Ontarians will be going to the polls on June 12. It is about time.
Ontario was once a prosperous province that was a force for job creation, opportunity and innovation.
The provincial Liberal government was democratically elected and therefore had a mandate to govern as they saw fit. We have all seen the results of what the Ontario Liberal Party believes to be good governance: growing deficits, scandals, deception, job losses and corruption.
Our province is now holding Hamilton back due to its egregious fiscal situation. No longer is Hamilton a place where a person can find a good paying job and support their family.
Sadly those who can find jobs are working part-time or for minimum wage. Who can support their family in today’s Hamilton, or Ontario?
We need change. Our NDP MPP has done nothing while the Liberals have fostered an atmosphere of incompetence and mismanagement. The only party that can salvage Ontario is the Progressive Conservatives.
Zarin Arif
Hamilton Mountain

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