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LETTER: Pro-life group wrong to target business frequented by families

Why would a group of people set up a huge sign of an aborted, dismembered baby right outside the McDonald’s Playland at Upper James and Rymal Road at supper hour on July 16?
Families take their children to McDonald’s to enjoy a meal and to play and have fun.
Families with children do not seem likely to be the most abortion-minded people.
So what is the reason for setting up this huge display where any child looking out the window could see it?
Debbie Thorkildsen
Hamilton Mountain

One Response to “LETTER: Pro-life group wrong to target business frequented by families”

  1. Kerri says:

    Well said, and I couldn’t agree more. A couple weeks ago this group was set up at the on and off ramps to the Linc at Upper Wentworth. They were also too cowardly to sit in front of their signs, with their faces showing. I cannot see the point of this shock value advertising. I work for the Government in a capacity where I see all too frequently what happens to children born to parents who do not love or want them. These poor kids are emotionally, physically and sometimes sexually abused. I can only shake my head in disgust when I see this group out promoting anti-abortion views.

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