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LETTER: Lillian Orban stood up for everyone’s interests

Re: Trustee’s final goal to preserve Hill Park land for public use (July 3)
Retiring public school trustee Lillian Orban, a friend and former colleague, has served our community like few others.
At a time when partisan politics and backroom deals have taken over our board of education, Lillian Orban stood as one of the few independent voices against the cartel that closed neighbourhood schools across our city.
She often stood alone, in the face of organized opposition.
While other trustees did not hesitate to close the door to parents, school communities and faith groups, Lillian remained generous in spirit and open to the true diversity of our community.
Lillian served our students as a person of great personal integrity and faith, and underscores the need for us to return independent, non-partisan trustees in this fall’s election.
God willing, we’ll find a few more like her.
Father Geoffrey (Geoff) Korz
Hamilton Mountain

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