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LETTER: Legacy awards in limbo with school closures

It’s interesting to note that while the Catholic school board embraces its heritage, the public board is making every effort to deny theirs ever existed. With the public school board’s haste to avoid any reference to prominent educators or past school names, what is their position with respect to legacy awards at the schools they are closing?
For example, Hill Park has the Mark Henderson Memorial and Dave Elliott Memorial awards. Cardinal Heights has the Amanda Martin Memorial award.
I am sure the other schools to be closed have similar awards and concerns as to what will happen to them.
During the transition meetings, the subject has been raised and answers from the board representatives have been vague.
Perhaps now is a good time for the board to communicate their intentions in this matter so that people don’t assume that these awards are just being boxed and hidden away in their new headquarters basement, their significance soon to be forgotten.
To do so, would be a disservice to the Henderson, Elliott, Martin and other legacy award family members.
Craig Hagopian
Hamilton Mountain

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