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LETTER: Lack of human touch hurts in automobile assembly

I would like to reiterate what I had sent in about a year or year and a half ago regarding automobile recalls. It seems now that the problems have cost lives.
In my original letter to the editor, I suggested that due to the lack of human personnel, since being replaced by robots, the possibility of error becomes greater, mainly because a machine is programmed to do one thing without realizing that it may have created a problem.
A human doing the job would recognize such error and stop the line to correct the problem or report it to his or her immediate supervisor.
The absence of hands-on production seems to have created a problem and in some cases has resulted in injury or fatality to drivers and passengers.
I would suggest that a happy medium be adopted to have robots do specific assembly, but anything assembled that could cause a serious problem be left to the human involvement.
G.A. Soehner
Hamilton Mountain

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