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LETTER: Inflating cabinet doesn’t cut costs

re: Too soon to help pals, Mrs. Premier (Letters, Feb. 21)
Perhaps the new premier could tell me how improving the economy will come about if she already has increased the deficit with extra cabinet members with inflated salaries, plus extra staff to service these offices, plus new office furniture and other various sundries required, plus expense accounts.
I notice also that she says the minimum wage cannot be increased right now.
Gee, I wonder why.
I suggest that we need another election. It probably wont cost the taxpayers as much as the preceding Liberal entourage and the present one is going to cost us, moneywise, as well as lost benefits. The patronage is still rampant, no matter what the new premier says.
Just the way I see it, and I believe so do many others, judging by comments I see in letters to the editor.
G.A. Soehner
Hamilton Mountain

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