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LETTER: I am not a pawn in closure debate

At school, teachers encourage us to have opinions and our own thoughts. Clearly some people don’t think that kids will care or can express their ideas about their school closing on their own.
On Nov. 26, the day of the ARC working group meeting, Queensdale was ordered to take down the red ribbons off our trees and cover up or take down our Queensdale song (see lyrics below).
My friend and I wrote that song with ideas and help from other students. We asked to teach this to the other kids, we sang it on the announcements and we created a mural for the wall in the school lobby.
This was our own idea for the school we love.
Now we’ve been told to take down symbols of our school spirit making it look like we don’t care, and that we didn’t take the time and effort to create them.
I’ve been at all the public meetings so far. I wanted to go so that the board could see that kids care and have a voice. They haven’t taken this into consideration.
I want kids to be heard. Ask us what we think!
Ingrid Christoffersen
Grade 5 Queensdale student

The Queensdale Song (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle)

Queensdale, Queensdale
Little school,
We love you,
‘cuz you’re so cool

Don’t close Queensdale
That would be bad,
If you keep us,
We will be glad

If you like
Our little tune,
Don’t close Queensdale’s
Doors in June.

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