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LETTER: Don’t waste money on temporary Sherwood fix

Re: City tells board to fix Sherwood (Aug. 14)
The situation with Sherwood high school is a perfect example of the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board’s lack of fiscal foresight and ability to prioritize.
Why are they throwing away $10,000 on a temporary repair only to do it all again in the second half of the school year through next summer? This is not a responsible use of taxpayer dollars.
Common sense would dictate that, if they have a long-term fix for the exterior walls in mind, why would they not communicate that to the city and give them a timeline for repair?
Maybe an extension could be arranged, because in my experience a temporary fix can easily become permanent, and our students deserve better.
What is their long-term facilities plan, for this and all other schools in the city? I think communicating with the public would be helpful in developing trust within the school community and the city as a whole.
Hopefully the new crop of trustees will bring in common sense and fiscal responsibility to the HWDSB.
Eamon O’Donnell
Trustee candidate, Ward 6

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