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LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT

re: LRT alright, but route is all wrong (Letters, March 13)
If the “experts” who desire an LRT system could bring forward accurate information that this structure would be beneficial for the city, I’m sure they would win over the vast majority of the citizens.
An LRT is not going to run as an above-the-ground monorail system.
As was mentioned by a previous letter writer, these LRT buses still have to stop at all red lights and stop signs, just as every other vehicle does.
Actually, it reminds me of the old-fashioned street cars that also ran on a track. I wonder what the difference is.
Jacquie Reid
Hamilton Mountain

2 Responses to “LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT”

  1. chris444 says:

    The LRT will operate with the traffic signals using transit priority pre-emption. Resident’s of Hamilton should research how other municipalities in Southern Ontario are implementing the design and operation of the LRT prior to making false statements.

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  2. texascanuk says:

    One can also remember the Electric Trolley BUS that ran in Hamilton but the City Fathers at that time did not want electric wires above the streets. This system worked great. They could get around accidents and even make detours with the help of a tow truck if required.

    Will the new LRT do this ? All the LRT will do is carry a few more people at rush hour cross the city. More regular buses will do this as well and save Billions of dollars. Our Mayor and Councillors have blinders on.

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