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LETTER: Concession Street’s renaissance

In April 2013, I moved to Concession Street from the east Mountain, where I lived for a number of years.
While searching for a new apartment, I wanted to make sure the location was perfect. I’m more of a Mountain girl at heart, so Concession Street was a natural choice because it has everything you need: a library, a school, pharmacies, grocery stores, shops and boutiques, restaurants and coffee houses, a hospital, health clinics, a community policing centre, parks — even its own street festival!
You also have easy access to downtown by car, public transportation, or two sets of pedestrian stairs.
I’m really impressed with the revitalization I’ve seen recently. New shops and businesses have opened up, adding to the renaissance and flavour of the street. I’ve noticed that more businesses and multi-resident buildings are fixing up their storefronts and outside areas. It looks great and really shows the pride people have in making it a safe and welcoming community.
I’m excited about the street revitalization that will be happening next year to beautify the street and make it more pedestrian-friendly. I’m really happy about my decision to move here and I’m proud to call Concession my home.
Kelly Bucci  
Hamilton Mountain

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