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LETTER: A new take on an old idea

By 2030 seniors will represent 25 per cent of our population.
Here’s some help to make those dated New Year’s resolutions more technologically savvy.
I will write more letters to my near and dear.
I will learn how to Skype, Twitter and text to all and sundry.
I will grow old gracefully
I will ask my stylist to add some feathers after my new dye job.
I will visit the library
I will give up books, buy an eReader and download eBooks. I will read magazines on my computer, tablet and mobile device.
I will listen to music more
I will purchase an iPod, download tunes by streaming songs by beat, artist, subject or label and purchase a good set of earbuds.
I will pay my bills on time
I will go paperless in billing.
I will return phone calls
I will buy an iPhone, using it to watch movies, tweet, get connected to the world and use it to navigate the world.
I will expand my vocabulary
With words like Google, Skype, Suri, app.
I will improve my typing skills by using emoticons for punctuation:
:-} (happy)   :’-) (tears of happiness) :@ (angry)
Instant doesn’t refer to pudding, but messaging!
So I will forget how to spell: afk (away from keyboard), bff (best friends forever), eod (end of discussion), fyeo (for your eyes only), st2moro (same time to morrow), w8 (wait), diku (do I know you?), AWHFY (Are we having fun yet?!)
Happy New Year, everyone, young and old! :-) ) (that’s a double chin for we oldsters).
Penny Gumbert
Hamilton Mountain

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