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Laws provide protection, help

Coreen Wierenga, Smithville

Where have we gone as a country when one can sell themself to another so they can be used and abused? Laws are placed to protect all people. 

Prostitution laws are in place to protect our vulnerable youth — especially young women — to give them an authority to go to for help.  If this law is struck down, where are these people to go to for help and justice?  The same concept can apply to stop signs. If you do not follow them, you put others at risk.  Even if you do not agree with stop signs and you feel it is your right to ignore them, you put others at risk and there is a law in place  that means you may be charged if you do not obey.  

Prostitution will not stop if there is a law, but it does give a means to curb this activity and gives those forced into this lifestyle some protection and help.

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