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Hold politicians accountable for actions

Darrell J Hicks, Ancaster

Re: Let’s have some decorum, Dec. 5 The News.

The author makes some strong points regarding wedge issues dividing us as an electorate.  

However, we need to move out of his shades of  grey and look in real life colour at the provincial Liberals wasting trusted taxpayer money in countless scandals.  We have been witness to the eHealth scandal, the OLG scandal, the Ornge Air Ambulance scandal and, most recently, the gas plant scandal which wasted $1.1 billion. 

In contrast, many Ontario residents remain hungry and are living in poverty, public schools continue to close, emergency room and ambulance wait times continue to rise and our municipal taxes continue to grow.  

Yes, I agree that we must be careful not to divide, but we must still hold our politicians accountable for their actions.

Elected officials should be representing the good will of the people, not their own self interests. 

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