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Good of Canadian society must trump rights of individuals

Jim Enos, Candidate, Christian Heritage Party Canada, Hamilton Mountain

The Supreme Court of Canada has struck down all laws restricting prostitution.  

In other words, individuals can freely sell their bodies for sexual purposes. This causes me to wonder how non-elected judges can rule over the people and parliament.  For these judges to say that restricting or criminalizing prostitution is against the prostitute’s constitutional rights is hard to digest.  Have we as a society digressed to where the individual rights to behave as one sees fit trump the laws put in place to safeguard society as a whole?  

We already have young people, mostly female, entering into private liaisons with abusers who commit acts that the general public would not condone.  As such, a young woman’s entire body becomes the property of an older and stronger man, usually anonymously.  The girl in her early teenage years gives up the right to the proper use of her body for a sum of money. Indeed, some see this as a right of the young woman, but people like myself see this as abuse.

We have strong laws against child pornography and the use of illegal drugs.  Child pornography laws protect children from sexual exploitation.  Laws prohibiting the use of illegal drugs guard the bodies of youth and adults in Canada. How do we explain the misuse of a young girl’s body by a man who has no intention of providing for her care long term?  This is nothing less than paid rape.  

We have an obligation to see that young people value their body, their interests and contribution in life.  I cannot find any compelling argument for surrendering our youth or adults to sex for money.  We need prostitution laws that outlaw prostitution and prosecute all persons involved in this degrading pursuit. Surely, the good of Canadian society as a whole must trump the rights of individuals to behave in any manner they choose.  Without such a mandate for law, what will there be as a safeguard for Canadians?

One Response to “Good of Canadian society must trump rights of individuals”

  1. irmundv says:

    Jim is correct that the Supreme Court has struck down all laws. But that doesn’t mean that it is legal just yet. The Supreme Court has given Parliament a year to come up with a new law. After that, yes, anyone can sell their body in the most debased way for filthy lucre. In the meantime, you must write your MP! We must boost the courage of MP’s to go back to Parliament and make a law against brothels!

    Amsterdam is NOT happy with their red light district and brothels. They are trying to make new laws to restrict the sex trade industry which includes kidnapped and underage girls and boys.

    The problem is as Senator Anne Cools stated, “There is cowardice in the House of Commons”. When the Supreme Court struck down the abortion law January 29, 1988 the intent was to legislate a new law. We are still waiting and it is open season on the unborn. All parties currently in Parliament follow the rules of political correctness. I expect them to waffle on this moral issue too. Only CHP Canada candidates have the courage of conviction to stand up for the moral issues of the day. Government cannot make a person moral, but their role is to restrain the evil of immorality to prevent vulnerable citizens from a life of evil debasement. Our current government won’t touch our lack of any law against abortion during all nine months of pregnancy, why would they legislate against the sex trade? What a pity!

    Irma DeVries CHP Canada Candidate Perth Wellington

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