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Gordon Cameron

It’s not my game, but I’ll try

After what seemed like a olde tyme winter, signs of spring are starting to appear.

OK, looking out my office windows there is still a large, but shrinking, pile of dirty snow from the parking lot and the creepy stand of leafless trees make it look like the view from every kid’s bedroom in every horror film ever made, but the trend is definitely toward warm temperatures.

Spring means both time for spring chores (including the one that every dog owner in the city is dreading) and for looking toward the joys the outdoor activities that you’ve been dreaming about for the last five months. Soon we’ll start to see the re-emergence of motorcycles, bikes and golf clubs from their annual winter slumbers and I know that riders and golfers alike can’t wait to hit the road or the links.

To help both golfers and some of the most vulnerable in our community (sorry riders and cyclists, you’ll have to find your own way to welcome spring) Hamilton Community News is once again teaming up with Mission Services to run one of the season’s first golf tournaments.

When I found out that I would be one of HCN’s main organizers I was of two minds: I loved the idea of helping Mission Services, but am such a terrible golfer that I might do better taking tickets than actually participating.

I don’t say that I’m an awful golfer out of modesty, nor am I the kind of player who sees himself as bad because I can’t get within 15 strokes of Tiger Woods. I just stink.
I remember playing a round with my father and some folks he knew at the Michipicoten Golf Club in Wawa (what I was doing in Wawa is a story for another time). On the second hole, just before the green, was a little creek no more than a metre wide into which I must have splooshed my ball close to a dozen times. Eventually my father’s friend, in total exasperation, told me to just drop it on the other side. The course was nine holes long and if I’m remembering it correctly I managed to half my score on the second time through (and I cleared the creek in one stroke).

That was back in high school, but my game hasn’t improved much since. Usually when I play there are audible gasps from my partners when I manage to hit one long and/or straight. In a strange way the level of crowd reaction makes me feel like I’m on the PGA tour.

My failings at golf stem from the fact that I’ve never invested any time into improving my game. On the surface golf should be something that I enjoy as it involves long walks through beautiful country, strategy and a great deal of comradeship, but I just never took it up. Because I have no ego about my game, whenever I play I enjoy it, but if I find myself in a foursome with players who take the game very seriously then no one has any fun.

So, if you’re not too competitive as a golfer, think you can stand spending a day with me and would like to help raise money for Mission Services, then drop me a line at and we’ll have some fun.

On the other hand, if you are an excellent golfer and you and your friends want to help a great cause, you can sign up at or 905-528-4211 ext. 3108.

Either way it’ll be a great way to open the 2014 golfing season.

— Gordon Cameron is Group Managing Editor for Hamilton Community News.

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