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GROWING GREEN: Potential for potatoes
This wasn’t just future compost – it was a potential crop of potatoes.

Should the city be held to the same standard on illegal dumping as residents?

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Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 3:03:44 PM
Stoney Creek's King Street set for $6.5-million facelift in 2015 "Hope they will put in bicycle lanes from Centenial to Gray's road with turning lane in centre where there's space. Right now from Gray's to Applewood the sidewalk is right next to a lane of traffic where the speeds are usually in excess of 60 kph. A"
Comment by dougag1
Thursday, March, 27, 2014 - 2:02:58 PM
LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT "One can also remember the Electric Trolley BUS that ran in Hamilton but the City Fathers at that time did not want electric wires above the streets. This system worked great. They could get around accidents and even make detours with the help of a to"
Comment by texascanuk
Monday, March, 24, 2014 - 1:01:56 PM
LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT "The LRT will operate with the traffic signals using transit priority pre-emption. Resident's of Hamilton should research how other municipalities in Southern Ontario are implementing the design and operation of the LRT prior to making false statement"
Comment by chris444
TedMcMeekin copyWEB
Around the Bay event displays city’s vision and spirit
The Around the Bay run on Sunday, March 30 was another great example of the fabulous Hamilton spirit.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Your guide to becoming an Agent of Change
For many years, we’ve known that Hamilton has one of, if not the highest, volunteer rates in the country.
So, do you like what we’ve done?
The old look had served us well over the years, and in fact, has helped us win many provincial and national newspaper awards. But much like a plaid, polyester, bell-bottomed leisure suit, our newspapers looked outdated (and not in a quaint or retro way) and needed to get with the times. Given that fact, we decided to tear the thing down to the studs and build anew, all with the needs of the reader in mind.
David SweetWEB
Korean trade deal secures jobs
A couple of weeks ago I had a great opportunity to visit the Threshold School of Building in downtown Hamilton where the federal government is supporting the Ready to Work program through the Skills Link initiative.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Libraries bring people together for many reasons
I’ve always known that the public library is one of the best and most lasting experiences in my life.
GROWING GREEN: Try growing tomatillos this summer
They make the perfect addition to summer salads.
It’s not my game, but I’ll try
After what seemed like a olde tyme winter, signs of spring are starting to appear. OK, looking out my office windows there is still a large, but shrinking, pile of dirty snow from the parking lot and the creepy stand of leafless trees make it look like the view from every kid’s bedroom in every horror film ever made, but the trend is definitely toward warm temperatures.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Don’t hate me because I’m a young, male driver
Insurance premiums are the highest for young and new drivers, especially males.
Photo courtesy Ryan Michael Coe photography.
In my life... I enjoyed the ride
I can recall listening to my favorite song near Christmas of 1965, when “In My Life” was released by the Beatles on Capitol records. I always identified with the lyrics and the emotions, which were twofold for me: sadness regarding people who had once been a part of my life but had passed on, and joy concerning the people who had touched my life in such a positive manner and made that experience all the richer. I was deeply touched when my daughter Julia selected “In My Life” as the song we danced to when she married a few years ago. Oddly enough, I have also requested that “In My Life” should be my exit song at my funeral. Good Lord willing that won’t be for a few more years.
RussPowers copyWEB
Just like the Easter bunny, community of Dundas is hoppin’ this spring
The ever-popular, annual Dundas Lioness’s Fish Fry and Dance will take place on the evening of Saturday, April 5 at the Dundas Lions Memorial Community Centre.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Free bereavement camp open to 60 Hamilton youth
This goes out to all the youth in the community: you are not alone in your grief!
For the first time I feel old(ish)
Last weekend, I celebrated another in a long string of birthdays. Like most of my birthdays it was full of family and friends and, in spite of the increase in my numerical age, the whole experience left me feeling really good. I’m not someone who frets getting older. Turning 30 didn’t bother me, neither did turning 35. Even now that there’s no sugar coating that I’m in my late 30s, it doesn’t feel like a negative.
Winter, Ancaster road repairs show signs of needing improvement
Talk of our long winter now exceeds any coffee shop discussions about local politics or any other topic of interest, including where we escaped for March Break. It has been a long and brutal winter season and our local roadways and neighbourhood streets have taken a beating as a result.
GROWING GREEN: Spring tips for the happy gardener
While gazing at the piles of snow, it’s hard to imagine that sometime in the not too distant future we will be knee deep in garden chores with not enough hours in the day to get everything done.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: It’s time to bring back good quality and service
I recently purchased a new pair of shoes through a popular large retail chain. They lasted two months. That’s not quality.
No coffee for me if you please
I don’t drink coffee. OK, that’s not entirely true. I do drink coffee, but only when its absolutely necessary to prevent falling asleep at the wheel (which would be quite dangerous), at my desk (which would be quite embarrassing), or while having to interact with others and be social (which, while quite rude, could get me out of some rather boring conversations). When those rare moments do occur, I look forward to them with all the zeal my mother had as a child for her twice-daily doses of cod liver oil. (For my part, I think I’d prefer the cod liver oil.)
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