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Column: The truly awesome power of music
The majority of the songs and poems were written by those who had been in the camps and the ghettos, many of whom did not survive their ordeal. These were the voices of those who had been silenced, and yet their songs, the same songs that rang out amidst the oppression, the hate and the genocide, were not silenced.
ANCASTER COUNCILLOR LLOYD FERGUSON column: Airport District touches down, Hermitage is Rock Solid
The city’s journey to land 550 hectares of employment land around the John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport is on final approach after 11 years of municipal delays.

Should tackling Hamilton’s financial problems be council’s top priority?

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Friday, November, 21, 2014 - 6:06:10 PM
Stoney Creek tree plantings aimed to ward off emerald ash borer "Lets be real though you cannot replace a tree. A tree lost is forever lost, the best you can do is plant others to mitigate the loss and perhaps someday come close to what once was years into the future. I say this because there is an epidemic in thi"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 7:07:37 PM
Column: Getting to know my great-grandfather "I very much enjoyed reading your column on your great-grandfather who died in the Great War. I often think of my grandmother's uncle, Ivan Newell Wallis, of Greensville who died in the Great War in Aug 1918 at the age of 20 years. I know a few things"
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Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:53 PM
Chris Charlton hopeful about Remembrance Day bill "Unnecessary and a waste of time. What we need to put our efforts in is for actual services and aid for our veterans not an empty holiday so politicians can pretend for a day they care and to pump up patriotism so they can squeak harmful unpopular leg"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Councillor's column: Community mailboxes are unfortunate reality
As most of you know, mail delivery is changing from door-to-door delivery to street mailbox pick-up. In 2015, this initiative is starting across the Hamilton Mountain, including Stoney Creek, and will be coming to lower Stoney Creek afterwards.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Mental health support groups are vital today
Membership to this type of group is dictated more by need than want.
Have your say on former Winona Elementary School
I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that the City of Hamilton has officially taken possession of the former Winona Elementary School.
Column: The faulty transmission in my head
Now I know what you’re thinking: last day of vacation, still asleep at an appropriate time to receive a phone call, not quite with it… You’re all thinking that I spent the night before celebrating a little too much and was reaping what I sowed by way of a bout of brown bottle flu. Well, you’re all wrong. My previous evening was a dry as a temperance meeting in the desert.
TedMcMeekin copyWEB
MPP Ted McMeekin column: Remembering a good friend and mentor Eric Cunningham
On Dec. 30 I received an email from my good friend Eric Cunningham. He wanted to get together to discuss land acquisition issues related to his duties as a provincial appointee on the Hamilton Port Authority.
Want your photo in our Hamilton Community News paper?
We at Hamilton Community News pride ourselves on being the prime source for news and information about the communities we serve. And while we have a hard working, dedicated staff, we can’t always get out to every event.
COMMUNITY COLUMNNIST: What it takes to thrive in the 21st century
As a public library, we are committed to lifelong learning and helping Hamiltonians learn and grow
THE SKY THIS MONTH: Year of the dwarf planets
2015 will be remembered as the year of the dwarf planets, writes Mario Carr of Hamilton Amateur Astronomers
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Space - the first frontier in road safety
The faster you go, the more room you need.
DUSTY CORNERS: Where did Merry Christmas go?
I sat there, wondering what ever happened to my old Christmases that were fun times — when people cared about one another?
Column: My Christmas traditions, old and new
When I was a kid, my Christmas morning alarm clock was always the sound of my brother’s running feet, bursting excitedly from his room to run down the hall to peek into our parents’ room where Santa was kind enough to bring our stockings. He’d then run back and get me out of bed so we could both hurry to get our sister before descending on our exhausted parents like a pack of crazed dogs.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Managing your grief at Christmas
We feel it several weeks before December arrives, and once that date is here, the anxiety we feel tends to heighten as we realize we must find a way to get through this Christmas season while dealing with the death of our loved one.
Column: Only six thinking days left ’till Christmas
Every year I’m asked: “What do you want for Christmas,” and every year my answer is usually the same: “I haven’t really thought about it yet.” You could see how frustrating that would be in late November, or early December, but when the 20th hits and I still don’t have an answer it’s downright infuriating.
GROWING GREEN: The dark side of mistletoe
Mistletoe and holly have long played an important role in Christmas celebrations.
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