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GROWING GREEN: Plan a succession of blooms to keep bees coming back
What do single, purple and tubular blooms have in common? Bees!
Thoughts from the gallows: A meditation on the Bloody Assize and death by hanging
Through the trees in a little clearing hung a solitary noose. This instrument of death which delivered the ultimate punishment for untold numbers of criminals, large and small, was not a figment of my fecund imagination, but was as real as the trees that surrounded me or the gravel path underneath my feet.

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Friday, July, 25, 2014 - 12:12:22 PM
Ancaster women cut their hair to make wigs for cancer patients "Thank you Ancaster News for coming out to cover our special event. We appreciate the support and encouragement from our community and it made the day event more exciting."
Comment by Marie Phillips
Sunday, July, 20, 2014 - 1:01:54 PM
Hamilton parks boss: Have to balance scenic view and erosion control at lookout points "Looks to me there are more than a few mature trees blocking the view. There are many more locations where you can get an unobstructed view of the lower city, with free parking. Clearing away the vegetation may help, as long as no erosion takes place."
Comment by MAW
Tuesday, July, 15, 2014 - 7:07:11 PM
Senior of the Year just keeps going "Congratulations, Pat! Well done and well deserved! An inspiration to all of us - at any age!"
Comment by Dundastan
LloydFerguson copyWEB
Ancaster councillor Lloyd Ferguson’s column
Congratulations Al Gordon, Frank Ernest, Bill Grahlman and Julian D’Angela for being among four recipients of Hamilton’s 19th Annual Senior of the Year Awards, held June 24 at a sold-out gala at Michelangelo’s Conference Centre.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Growing up behind Mountain Hardware
Concession Street memories
It’s not just another Internet fish tale, I swear
I received an email from Stoney Creek News editor Mike Pearson last week drawing my attention to the fact that a story he wrote on an Ontario government program to allow residents to fish without a licence for a week had received 690 “likes” on Facebook. (As of press time that number was up to 1,360.) Naturally, I immediately went into our analytics package to see how that translated into visits to our website and I was amazed to discover that in the five-and-a-half days the story had been on our site, it had generated almost 20 per cent of the total pageviews.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: The rare gem that runs through Hamilton
Once upon a time in a city called Hamilton there was an idea to build a world-class facility, then called (a mouthful): The Red Hill Valley Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve Interpretive Centre.
Twelve months at Hamilton Community News: What a difference a year can make
A new look, great stories, awards and a return to column writing are all highlights from Gordon Cameron's first year as Group Managing Editor.
Liberal MPP Ted McMeekin reflects on Canada Day
Like most of you, Canada Day makes me feel both proud and fortunate.
GROWING GREEN: Native plants tackle tough conditions
When the gardening gets tough, gardeners should consider native plants.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hands-on fun with summer reading club
This year’s TD Summer Reading Club activities are designed to engage Hamilton families in the spirit of curiosity and hands-on discovery with programming to encourage making friends, making time, making a mess and making memories.
Spot hidden elder abuse
When thinking about seniors’ abuse we tend to focus on physical abuse only. We often do not think that psychological abuse is part of the abuse factor.
Gord Bowes head shot picsWEB
Crying poor and spending freely
The problem with Ontario’s education system was paraded across the Mountain last month, coming to a halt at an even bigger example of what’s wrong. Over $1 million was spent on a giant moving truck to be parked behind a $31.6-million Taj Mahal, put there by a school board that has spent the last few years pleading poverty.
This Canada Day, it’s time to talk
It was 150 years ago this September, that our Fathers of Confederation met for the first time in Prince Edward Island at what has become known as the Charlottetown Conference. While the meeting didn’t in and of itself result in the founding of the country we know and love (it would require two more conferences for that) it started people thinking about what sort of country they wanted.
David SweetWEB
Great day to be patriotic
Canada Day is the one time of year when we as Canadians can be unabashedly patriotic.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: The girls of summer return to the field
I jog in from the infield and the coach slaps me on the back and says, “Great play, kid”.
LloydFerguson copyWEB
A month of celebrations
As the councillor for Ancaster, I was thrilled to be part of a month-long celebration of several projects that have come to fruition in our community.
GROWING GREEN: Perennial favourites
Of the many perennials residing in my garden, five stand out as definite keepers.
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