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Bullying policies missing the point

Brian Rushfeldt, Canada Family Action

The serious problem of bullying has “experts” and educators scrambling to solve the issue. Their attempted solutions are contributing to bullying by creating “classes” of students.

Is a student who is overweight worth less focus than a student who identifies as a homosexual?

Is a “nerd” worth less focus than someone with a learning disability? What values are those attempted solutions based upon?

Legislation and policies being debated by educators and governments miss the point. Does anyone really believe that bullying can be legislated out of existence?

Bullying is a problem of attitude, character and heart. External policies and pressure will not change this.
Anti-bullying culture

Teaching Christian-based virtues such as the golden rule, esteem other higher, and love your neighbor would go much further towards creating an anti-bullying culture.

This teaching should be taught at home and must be reinforced by educators.

One Response to “Bullying policies missing the point”

  1. alandeon2 says:

    What happened to the replies?? there were at least 3 replies to his opinion last week.

    Were they censored??

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