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LETTER: Trustees shutting out public involvement
re: School trustees eye ‘more generous’ rules on public input (Dec. 13, 2012)
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hope Santa brings labour peace to education system
The Christmas season is upon us and it is very evident in our schools.

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Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 5:05:46 PM
Leanne Pluthero selling T-shirts to help save Ancaster’s Hermitage ruins "Great article and thank you so much for writing this up! So glad to spread the word!"
Comment by Leanne0594
Friday, October, 17, 2014 - 6:06:05 AM
LETTER: Can’t sit back and let ISIS expand at will "ISIS is hardly Hitler who had created a regime in a country that already exists and not trying to carve one out of two other destablized countries. It is curious the author would rather commit ineffectual attacks that will draw further extremist atte"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Saturday, October, 11, 2014 - 5:05:15 PM
Will Hamilton's next mayor have urban or suburban vision and priorities? "As a suburbanite, and supporter of the city I'm pretty sure this part is wrong, "This will be the first time a mayoral candidate is trumpeting Hamilton’s suburbs to have a place at the decision-making table rather than just being the cash cow that "
Comment by George
Make a wonderful life by reaching out to others in peace, friendship
I hear people griping that there’s no escape from Christmas carols in the stores... and I see people happily singing along. Sometimes they’re the same people.
City staff, police chief still don't get it
For city management to present a 3.6 per cent budget increase after their initial September request for 5.5 per cent indicates to me that city management — as well as the police chief — still does not get it.
Consider better type of signal
As a result of another pedestrian accident in Dundas, this one fatal, crosswalks are again in the news.
Teachers should be paid to coach
The Ontario government needs to fix the funding formula as a result of public outcry over the teachers’ job action of withdrawing voluntary services and extra-curricular activities.
Teachers are fighting a fight everyone should support
This author of this editorial discussing the current teacher labour unrest is misinformed on several fronts.
DUSTY CORNERS: Debunking that scary driver’s licence test
After 64 years of driving everything from motorcycles to tractor-trailers, I thought I was in that class of accident-free drivers that call themselves “experts.”
LETTER: Volunteers show it is all about the community
re: Mountain Kidz Klub
LETTER: We should pay teachers to coach
The Ontario government needs to fix the funding formula as a result of the public outcry to the teachers’ job action of withdrawing voluntary services and extra-curricular activities.
LETTER: Who knows what lies in hearts of politicians
Taxation is the traditional companion of political power. It borders not far away from criminal extortion since the elected representative no matter what party extorts money under penalty.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Queensdale bike lane pilot project about safety
Over the next two years, Queensdale Avenue will be reconstructed between Upper Wentworth and Upper Sherman (2013), and Upper Wellington to Upper Wentworth (2014).
David SweetWEB
Our community heroes receive Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals
In honour of the 60 years that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been the sovereign of Canada, each MP was given 30 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medals to award to deserving community leaders and volunteers throughout 2012.
Choose real people over devices
Social media seems to be controlling our lives more than ever before in more than just one way.
Elves work in secret, wonderful ways
This is the season when we are caught up in the wonder of the North Pole elves.
DUSTY CORNERS: Thinking about some old friends
Well, here it is! This is my 80th December since being Christened in a bath tub in a second floor flat way back in 1932.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Reflections on the old Onteora Public School
In 1948, the corner of Upper Wellington and Fennell boasted an educational jewel: Onteora Public School, my first ‘home’ away from home.
Responsible development first priority
Here we go again! Another developer, another speck of land in Dundas and another six-storey condo proposal.
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