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HCA oversteps boundary with uncontrolled, unrestricted, unsafe and opportunistic hunt
The agreement between the HCA and Haudenosaunee to hunt deer on conservation lands violates the Ontario Game and Fish Act on several counts.
Expansion is a massive intrusion
In this letter to the editor on the Highgate expansion, the author writes, "And Mr. Street also is concerned about his neighbourhood - which is a considerable distance from the area of discussion."

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Friday, August, 15, 2014 - 7:07:49 PM
Hamilton man's lonely vigil continues "Uh...do the words "get a life" mean anything? Who is he to judge what's right or wrong? "The oath dates back to fifth or fourth century BCE," just goes to show how archaic some (mis)interpretations are to what this oath truly means. Look it up, no "
Comment by ruseeryus
Wednesday, August, 13, 2014 - 11:11:08 PM
Hamilton weather comes and goes … on and on "[...] August, 13, 2014 - 5:05:39 PM LETTER: Science wouldn’t mislead public on climate change Re: Weather comes and goes … on and on (Aug. 7) I am not an environmental scientist though I will admit up front that I have a natural bias towards [."
Comment by LETTER: Science wouldn’t mislead public on climate change | Your online community newspaper for Hamilton, Ontario and area
Wednesday, August, 13, 2014 - 6:06:26 PM
Hamilton weather comes and goes … on and on "Really? Mr.Bowes should learn some basics about weather and the difference between weather patterns and changes as opposed to CLIMATE. Looking back within your lifetime or even a century will not give you enough information regarding climate as it is"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Lazy, ignorant adults in City of Pigs need to explain slovenly actions
I live one block away from a fast-food restaurant on Cootes Drive in Dundas.
Million-dollar fire leaves foul smell in Valley Town
The smell of the burnt-out building at 10 Bond St., Dundas, continues to hang over the west end of Dundas after the four alarm fire on Tuesday, Nov. 13.
Politics of the poor
So, Hamilton politicians last week agreed to pay for the discretionary benefits to Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program clients during the first six months of 2013.
Canadians free to spend Easter however they choose
I am disappointed with Paul Kokoski’s letter lamenting the loss of sanctity of religious holidays.
Stay safe, stay social online
Social media offers the ability to immediately connect with other people – and that has both good and bad implications.
Successful poppy campaign
On behalf of the millions of Canadians who have had the opportunity to wear a poppy this year, I want to thank our more than 330,000 Legion members in more than 1,500 Legion branches across Canada, the United States and in Europe for their support and dedication for the 2012 poppy campaign.
Record-breaking year for Halloween food bank event
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the public yet again for their generosity and for their continued support for the fourth Annual Halloween Food Drive, which was held in Stoney Creek.
Winona outdoor rink a go for this winter
I would like to thank all of the residents who have contacted me about volunteering for an outdoor skating rink at Winona Park.
DUSTY CORNERS: Jubilee medal presentation a humbling episode in my life
All my life I have taken pride in my ability to deal effectively with any given circumstance that is thrust upon me, especially when I thought I had the situation well in hand.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Catholic schools ready for the Year of Faith
Pope Benedict XVI, in his Apostolic Letter Porta Fidei, has declared this year (Oct 11, 2012– Nov 24, 2013) the Year of Faith.
Easter Sunday should be sacred – not for shopping
I am disappointed with the Toronto Eaton Centre's decision to remain open on Easter Sunday – the holiest day on the Christian calendar.
photo submitted
A thought on Remembrance
Gone are the days that Nov. 11 is the one day in which I simply remember our veterans and what the world went through in years past.
Open and transparent?
Ontario residents have been a trusting bunch when it comes to their municipal councillors.
Traffic surveillance at Stoney Creek parks, on roads
Hamilton and area were very lucky not to have suffered more damage than we did from Hurricane Sandy.
LETTER: Looking for lost relative
I have been attempting to trace any living relatives of my great-aunt, Margaret DRAPER nee HOLMES.
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