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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Reflections on the old Onteora Public School
In 1948, the corner of Upper Wellington and Fennell boasted an educational jewel: Onteora Public School, my first ‘home’ away from home.
Responsible development first priority
Here we go again! Another developer, another speck of land in Dundas and another six-storey condo proposal.

Do you think the state of roads and sidewalks should be the key municipal election issue?

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Friday, September, 12, 2014 - 10:10:39 PM
John Iachelli challenges incumbent Lloyd Ferguson for Ancaster council seat "This guy apparently doesn't understand that when the value of your home doubles so do your property taxes. Doesn't really instill confidence."
Comment by blerg
Thursday, September, 11, 2014 - 4:04:40 PM
Grade 6 students ‘just fine on basic math,’ Sandals insists "Minister Sandals' contempt for evidence based research in the classroom is astounding. How stupid does she think taxpayers are that we are to believe IPads in the hands of 9 year olds will help them with their multiplication tables? And equally ins"
Comment by Tara Houle
Wednesday, September, 03, 2014 - 1:01:46 PM
Danko wants to fix ‘severely flawed’ school ARCs "She's right in saying the process is severely flawed. It is. But I do not trust that when push comes to shove, she will do what's best for the ward. I fear she will simply circle her wagons around Queensdale and protect it at all costs. Letting wh"
Comment by Trust Me
Bone-headed design reduces safety
I don't know any of the details of this tragedy, but I do know this area of Governor's Road is a very densely populated residential one with hundreds of condos, apartments, a busy grocery store and even a retirement and long-term care facility.
Waiting for EcoPark at Valley Town gateway like waiting for next ice age
Ever since arriving in Dundas four years ago and learning about our historic Desjardins Canal, I have repeatedly stated that filling in the turnaround was a mistake.
Don’t eliminate treasures
I am dismayed by the proposal to shut down Webster's Falls and Spencer Gorge to hikers.
DUSTY CORNERS: Fill the oil, trim the wick time
One hundred years ago on the Mountain, one of the daily chores, along with cutting wood, stoking ashes out of the kitchen stove and cleaning the ice box, was caring for the oil lamps.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Your Christmas donations truly valued by recipients
As we jump into yet another yuletide season filled with chaos, stress and excitement, we can’t help but take some time to reflect on Christmases past.
RussPowers copyWEB
’Tis the season for Dundas traditions
Last Friday evening, a large crowd of young and mature attended the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Memorial Square in Downtown Dundas (In 1914, Dundas was the first community in Canada to have a municipal Xmas tree).
In the spirit of the holidays, let us give to Planet Earth
Bravo to the author of this letter to the editor regarding the cowardly and disrespectful act of throwing garbage on his lawn and elsewhere.
Canada as a nation founded on Christian principles
Canadians are free to spend Easter however they choose. Well, not if you are Christian and working at the Eaton Centre this Easter. In this case you are persecuted for your religious beliefs.
Arguments over trail systems border on ridiculous
I am glad the city is listening to residents and willing to make compromises in instances such as this.
Guns should be silenced at 11th hour of 11th day of 11th month
At that moment, my wife remarked that she wished our neighbours to the south, the Hamilton Gun Club would stop shooting for a couple of minutes. They never did.
Conservative funding ideas shortsighted, disturbing
This fall, the Conservatives introduced their second omnibus budget bill this year. It’s 450 page amends 64 acts and adds one completely new piece of legislation. At least 20 of these were not previewed for change in the 2012 budget.
Thinking of others
Six-year-old Preston Martin, with the help of his three-year-old sister Ainslie, spent a recent Sunday collecting food for a local food bank.
Canadians do not hold to one belief
Although I’m always intrigued by this letter writer, in a watching-a-train-wreck kind of way, I’m always in disagreement with his extremist views.
HCA oversteps boundary with uncontrolled, unrestricted, unsafe and opportunistic hunt
The agreement between the HCA and Haudenosaunee to hunt deer on conservation lands violates the Ontario Game and Fish Act on several counts.
Expansion is a massive intrusion
In this letter to the editor on the Highgate expansion, the author writes, "And Mr. Street also is concerned about his neighbourhood - which is a considerable distance from the area of discussion."
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