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DUSTY CORNERS: The Concession Street Fall Fest
Unfortunately, I was not well enough to attend the annual Concession Street Fall Fest, held on the parking lot of the Royal Bank on Saturday the 15th.
EDITOR'S NOTEBOOK: News business is still thriving
Twenty years ago this week, the Toronto Star opened its $400-million printing facility in Vaughan.

Should Hamilton create its own lobbyist registry?

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Sunday, April, 06, 2014 - 3:03:44 PM
Stoney Creek's King Street set for $6.5-million facelift in 2015 "Hope they will put in bicycle lanes from Centenial to Gray's road with turning lane in centre where there's space. Right now from Gray's to Applewood the sidewalk is right next to a lane of traffic where the speeds are usually in excess of 60 kph. A"
Comment by dougag1
Thursday, March, 27, 2014 - 2:02:58 PM
LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT "One can also remember the Electric Trolley BUS that ran in Hamilton but the City Fathers at that time did not want electric wires above the streets. This system worked great. They could get around accidents and even make detours with the help of a to"
Comment by texascanuk
Monday, March, 24, 2014 - 1:01:56 PM
LETTER: Deja vu feeling about LRT "The LRT will operate with the traffic signals using transit priority pre-emption. Resident's of Hamilton should research how other municipalities in Southern Ontario are implementing the design and operation of the LRT prior to making false statement"
Comment by chris444
LETTER: Unions still have a place in 2012
re: Unions priced jobs off this continent (Letters, Sept. 13)
LETTER: It’s all about respecting everyone
re: Legal challenge fails to sway school trustees on gay equity (Sept. 13)
LETTER: Parents not providing raw material to mould
re: Legal challenge fails to sway school trustees on gay equity (Sept. 13)
Let’s all work together to boost student success
As the entry bells ring, the lunches get packed and early-morning family routines kick into high gear, I’d like to say, “Welcome back to school for the 2012-2013 school year.”
Investments support research
As a proud alumnus of McMaster University, it’s always a distinct pleasure to return to the institution that had such a profound impact on my life.
Scores of individuals in our schools are passionate educators
The writer’s indignation over the supposed greed of Ontario’s hard-working teachers points to a greater problem in our public discourse.
Remember the lessons about sharing our parents taught
I agree that the friction between cyclists and four-wheel drivers is based on intolerance.
In democratic society, free choice should be automatic
The author of this letter to the editor states that eliminating the separate school system should not be emotional, rather, it should be based on logic.
GROWING GREEN: Have fun with fall containers
Planting up a new container is like designing a small landscape only the results are pretty much instant.
DUSTY CORNERS: Auchmar struggling back from dead
Recent news that Auchmar Manor is finally getting much-needed repairs to brickwork, window cases and roof is very, very encouraging.
LETTER: Doubt it is really ‘business as usual’
As a society we don’t view people held in custody as kings.
LETTER: One-way streets working well so why the desire to change?
re: Two-way streets not always path to utopia (Letters, Sept. 6)
LETTER: Construction in school zone wreaking havoc
The City of Hamilton road maintenance department contractors decided that this week would be an appropriate time to tear up the north and south corners of Brigade and Bonaparte Way and repave them.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Ward 7 infrastructure projects underway
In Ward 7, the majority of complaints from residents are related to infrastructure issues.
Author looking for family members of man who believed in democracy
Ancaster was the scene of critical events in the evolution of democracy in Canada in the years before and during the War of 1812.
Extravagance at an end
The latest teachers’ commercial literally halted me in my tracks. It ended with this catchy phrase, "We won’t stop fighting for our students."
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