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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hands-on fun with summer reading club
This year’s TD Summer Reading Club activities are designed to engage Hamilton families in the spirit of curiosity and hands-on discovery with programming to encourage making friends, making time, making a mess and making memories.
LETTER: Lillian Orban stood up for everyone’s interests
Re: Trustee’s final goal to preserve Hill Park land for public use (July 3)

Do you think U.S. Steel will still be operating in Hamilton in 2016?

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Wednesday, July, 09, 2014 - 7:07:17 PM
Howell gets name on Flamborough arena "Classy player, classy gentleman... it's about time! Hope the new Harry Howell Arena will be PACKED with Howell memorabilia; make it like a museum like Bobby Orr's in Parry Sound."
Comment by Dundastan
Sunday, July, 06, 2014 - 1:01:25 PM
McHattie launches neighbourhood tour "Come to Stoney Creek Brian. That is if your okay to cross over the REDHILL expressway."
Comment by dougag1
Wednesday, July, 02, 2014 - 9:09:09 PM
McHattie launches neighbourhood tour "come to Dundas, Brian, and soak it all in!"
Comment by Dundastan
LETTER: Time to crack down on garbage day thieves
Re: City fights back against copper thieves, May 1
LETTER: Concession Street’s renaissance
You also have easy access to downtown by car, public transportation, or two sets of pedestrian stairs.
David SweetWEB
Great day to be patriotic
Canada Day is the one time of year when we as Canadians can be unabashedly patriotic.
Visit to the transfer station in Dundas always a pleasure
I’ve had the “pleasure” of going to the Dundas Transfer Station three times in the past few weeks.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: The girls of summer return to the field
I jog in from the infield and the coach slaps me on the back and says, “Great play, kid”.
LETTER: Linden Park the loser in a proximity war
I don’t think it had been recognized how the small school also shares within its boundaries a French immersion school and a Catholic school.
LETTER: Kudos to Hill Park alumni for send-off
Congrats to the Hill Park Alumni and organizers for a great day and evening June 14.
LloydFerguson copyWEB
A month of celebrations
As the councillor for Ancaster, I was thrilled to be part of a month-long celebration of several projects that have come to fruition in our community.
GROWING GREEN: Perennial favourites
Of the many perennials residing in my garden, five stand out as definite keepers.
LETTER: Legacy awards in limbo with school closures
It’s interesting to note that while the Catholic school board embraces its heritage, the public board is making every effort to deny theirs ever existed.
LETTER: Abortion message lost in method
To the group that holds the graphic signs on the Lincoln Alexander Parkway overpasses:
LETTER: Thief stole memories of my father
I am thoroughly disgusted.
LETTER: GO bus station on Mountain before LRT
This letter is for the Hamilton MPP candidates.
David SweetWEB
Day of Honour for Afghan vets
On May 9, a National Day of Honour was held from coast to coast to coast to commemorate the courageous work done by Canadians in Afghanistan.
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