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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Some help to figure out your mental health options
When you look at information from Statistics Canada, it’s clear that we should be talking about mental health.
LETTER: Rymal-Schwenger Park compromise
Re: Battle of historical names (April 14)

Should the city be held to the same standard on illegal dumping as residents?

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Sunday, April, 20, 2014 - 12:12:44 PM
Dundas wins Allan Cup in overtime "congratulations to the Dundas Real McCoys; Donnie Robertson brought the AC tourney here, and the team made sure the Allan Cup stays here! It was great to be right at the game and see a great moment in Dundas history being realized! Craig, I finally"
Comment by Dundastan
Thursday, April, 17, 2014 - 7:07:05 PM
Veterans’ tombstones dumped at Hamilton city cemetery "[...] up its mess Last week Hamilton Community News reporter Richard Leitner broke the story of how the shattered grave markers of several veterans were found dumped over the side of a bluff at the city-owned Woodland [...]"
Comment by City needs to clean up its mess | Your online community newspaper for Hamilton, Ontario and area
Thursday, April, 17, 2014 - 12:12:07 AM
Is registration the right answer? "[...] April, 16, 2014 - 6:06:26 PM LETTER: Lobbyist registry ensures accountability, transparency re: Is registration the right answer? (Editorial, April 10) After reading your editorial, I reflected back 10 years ago when the present voluntary lob"
Comment by LETTER: Lobbyist registry ensures accountability, transparency | Your online community newspaper for Hamilton, Ontario and area
GROWING GREEN: Potential for potatoes
This wasn’t just future compost – it was a potential crop of potatoes.
LETTER: Pockets of poor bus service
re: Expanded bus service for Mountain (April 3)
LETTER: Lobbyist registry ensures accountability, transparency
re: Is registration the right answer? (Editorial, April 10)
TedMcMeekin copyWEB
Around the Bay event displays city’s vision and spirit
The Around the Bay run on Sunday, March 30 was another great example of the fabulous Hamilton spirit.
Stolen rowboat had a good home
My name is Jacob. I’m 10 years old.
Class and conviction is what winning is all about
I have to applaud the combined efforts of Highland/Parkside high school’s senior girls waterpolo team for winning a bronze medal.
Vandalism knows no age limit
During last Sunday’s lovely morning, my wife and I were disheartened to see, in broad daylight, an act of vandalism.
Praise, not scorn, frugality
Reporter Kevin Warner compared councillor Scott Duval’s expense account of almost $11,000 with “stingy” Judi Partridge’s negligible claim of $30.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Your guide to becoming an Agent of Change
For many years, we’ve known that Hamilton has one of, if not the highest, volunteer rates in the country.
Help clean up litter
It’s great to see the snow piles melting away. However, now we have litter and debris, grit, salt and sand to contend with.
David SweetWEB
Korean trade deal secures jobs
A couple of weeks ago I had a great opportunity to visit the Threshold School of Building in downtown Hamilton where the federal government is supporting the Ready to Work program through the Skills Link initiative.
LETTER: Irony of new board HQ not lost during closures
re: School closures, funding
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Libraries bring people together for many reasons
I’ve always known that the public library is one of the best and most lasting experiences in my life.
LETTER: Columnist needs to learn insurance rates not driven up by one driver
re: Don’t hate me because I’m a young, male driver (Community Columnist, April 3)
GROWING GREEN: Try growing tomatillos this summer
They make the perfect addition to summer salads.
HCA advisory board didn’t make dedicated effort to elicit opinion
In this article, Chris Firth-England, CAO of Hamilton Conservation Authority, states there have been open houses, and the public consultation process offered plenty of chances to comment, including at an open house, an advisory board meeting dedicated to the proposal and through the authority’s website.
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