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COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Toronto commute is tough but worth it
It’s something that, from experience, I can tell you not many people ever want to do.
LETTER: Law-abiding citizens shouldn’t fear cameras
Re: Cameras will just move vandals to another area

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Friday, November, 21, 2014 - 6:06:10 PM
Stoney Creek tree plantings aimed to ward off emerald ash borer "Lets be real though you cannot replace a tree. A tree lost is forever lost, the best you can do is plant others to mitigate the loss and perhaps someday come close to what once was years into the future. I say this because there is an epidemic in thi"
Comment by Hamiltonian
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 7:07:37 PM
Column: Getting to know my great-grandfather "I very much enjoyed reading your column on your great-grandfather who died in the Great War. I often think of my grandmother's uncle, Ivan Newell Wallis, of Greensville who died in the Great War in Aug 1918 at the age of 20 years. I know a few things"
Comment by nswatters@yahoo.ca
Friday, November, 14, 2014 - 6:06:53 PM
Chris Charlton hopeful about Remembrance Day bill "Unnecessary and a waste of time. What we need to put our efforts in is for actual services and aid for our veterans not an empty holiday so politicians can pretend for a day they care and to pump up patriotism so they can squeak harmful unpopular leg"
Comment by Hamiltonian
LETTER: Thanks for Coldest Night help
Re: Walk expected to raise $65,000 for Neighbour to Neighbour
LETTER: Trustees don’t have cause for self-congratulations
Re: Elementary schools’ names up for review (March 12)
LETTER: Cameras will just move vandals to another area
Re: Security cameras planned for two Mountain parks (March 12)
GROWING GREEN: Try trough gardening this year
In a large garden they allow us to get up close and personal to those small, delicate plants that would otherwise get lost among their more robust companions.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Hiring new director key role of school trustees
We set vision and direction. After listening to our communities, we work with senior staff to develop strategic directions that will guide work during our terms.
LETTER: Good old-fashioned service on Concession Street
Guaranteed you’ll find a little gem on Hamilton Mountain
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Outdoor rink illustrates community at its best
Every winter, a few neighbourhood fathers get together to create two rinks.
LETTER: Cardboard tobogganers didn’t seem to get hurt
Re: Tobogganing can be dangerous (March 5)
THE SKY THIS MONTH: New eyes for an old sky
New radar systems are revealing more details of objects close to the Earth.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: CAP helps cancer patients in many ways
The Cancer Assistance Program (CAP) is a community-based, not-for-profit organization offering free services for individuals and families impacted by cancer, living in the greater region of Hamilton and surrounding areas.
Column: How I would have come to love Canada's "new" flag
Given how popular and well-loved the red maple leaf is, it can be hard to imagine that anyone could ever have disliked it, let alone opposed it. However, had I been alive at the time I might just have been one of them.
LETTER: Hard to find accessible super mailbox in snow
While driving a school bus around Hamilton, I have yet to see a community mailbox shovelled down to the pavement and at wheelchair width.
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Much work to do at public school board
Dawn Danko is the Hamilton public school board trustee for Ward 7 (central Mountain)
LETTER: Principals could meet in school auditoriums
re: Principals prefer Hilton over new HWDSB HQ (Feb. 5)
COMMUNITY COLUMNIST: Winter really is one of the best seasons
Who needs medication when a cold, crisp winter wind can clear those plugged sinuses naturally!
LETTER: Principal conference shows board’s arrogance
re: Principals prefer Hilton over new HWDSB HQ (Feb. 5)
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