LETTER: Ancaster Meadow Grade 3 class share their...
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Feb 15, 2017  |  Vote 0    0

LETTER: Ancaster Meadow Grade 3 class share their opinion on water bottles

Ancaster News

We have been studying water bottles this year and noticed there have been a few letters about them in the newspaper.

One of the letters talked about poisonous fluoride in tap water. We wondered if the author thinks there is no fluoride in water bottles? We read the label on a water bottle and saw that fluoride is one of the ingredients. We also learned that many water bottle companies get their water from the tap, so wouldn’t that mean there is fluoride inside the bottles, too? One of our classmates asked her parents about the fluoride because they are doctors. They said there is only a small amount of fluoride in tap water, not enough to hurt people. We also wrote to the city and found out they monitor the water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and inspect the water before it even enters the plant 46,000 times a year.

We also looked at the money companies spend on advertising and we noticed some were being tricky. One company tries to get kids interested with holiday labels and contests, and a lot of ads say they are eco-friendly, which we know they are not.

The bottles may be 100 per cent recyclable, but not 100 per cent of water bottles get recycled. Just since October, we have picked up over 400 water bottles on our school grounds.

We are currently putting together a display to show people what we have learned. Most of us are only eight years old, but we want to make a difference. We want a healthy environment for our city, our province, our country, and the whole world. We hope people will help us. Please, “Rethink Your Drink.”

Rhonda Urfey’s Class 3A

Ancaster Meadow


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By veryoldguy | FEBRUARY 16, 2017 10:32 AM
Wow! These are some pretty smart grade threes. Your parents and teachers must be very proud of you and your efforts to improve our environment. Thanks for educating the rest of us.
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