LETTER: Columnist needs to learn insurance rates...
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Apr 08, 2014  |  Vote 0    0

LETTER: Columnist needs to learn insurance rates not driven up by one driver

Hamilton Mountain News

re: Don’t hate me because I’m a young, male driver (Community Columnist, April 3)

Welcome to the real world.

As I was reading your article, the word “entitlement” kept popping up in my mind.

Whoever told you that life is fair misled you.

One thing you will find as you mature is that when you enter a new situation in your life, such as car insurance, a new social group, an employment position, etc., is that the responsibility of proving yourself first will fall squarely on your shoulders.

Do not expect to be considered an equal to those who have already proven their skills, abilities and trust.

Most companies and other organizations have rules, regulations and other internal structures that members have to conform to, so accept the fact that you will be starting at the bottom, unless of course you are starting in a family-owned business.

From your statement, “But why am I lumped in with every single other person my age?”, then looking at the courses you are studying, I have to assume you are not very far along in your studies and hope that your instructor will not hold your comments against you when marking your assignments.

If you really think there is one knucklehead out there driving up your insurance rates, I would suggest that you study your statistics just a little closer.

Everyone learns and grows from their mistakes and I doubt that you will be exempt from this in your life.

Terry Horne

Hamilton Mountain

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