GROWING GREEN: Try herbs in your garden
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GROWING GREEN: Try herbs in your garden

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Herbs grow well with lots of sunlight, warmth and good soil. They can be grown indoors, in pots near a sunny window, outdoors in pots or in your garden. Perennial herbs include chives and garlic chives, lovage and oregano.

Chives have purple flowers that bloom in spring. Both leaves and flowers are edible; they have a mild onion like flavour. The plants grow to eight inches (20 centimetres) tall.

Garlic chives have white flowers that bloom in the fall. The leaves are edible and have a mild garlic flavour. They are also about eight inches (20 centimetres) tall.

Lovage has large leaves which can be added to salads. They have a celery-like taste. The hollow stems grow to six feet (1.8 metres) tall

There are many varieties of oregano. Seeds can be started indoors during winter or sown outdoors in spring when the soil temperature is above 45F (7C). The leaves and flowers make an attractive garnish. Oregano grows from 12 inches to 30 inches tall (30 to 75 centimetres).

Annual herbs include basil (many varieties), coriander, fennel and parsley. Basil varieties include sweet, lemon, dark opal, Thai and spicy globe. All varieties require lots of sunlight and good well drained soil. Basil leaves can be added to soups and salads. Plants grow to 18 inches tall (45 centimetres).

Coriander (also called cilantro) has parsley-like leaves and white flowers.

Young leaves are rich in vitamins A and B plus calcium and can be added to soups or salads. Coriander grows to about 18 inches (45 centimetres) tall.

Florence fennel has lacy carrot-like foliage and can be added to salads or cooked in chicken dishes. It grows to 30 inches (75 centimetres) tall.

The bright green leaves of parsley can be used in salads, soups, casseroles and omelets. It can also be used as a garnish with meat, fish or onions. Parsley grows to 12 inches (30 centimetres) tall.

These herbs can be grown from seeds or purchased from a local garden centre and will provide you the satisfaction of harvesting and enjoying fresh herbs with your meals.

Bill Fegan is a member of the Mount Hamilton Horticultural Society. Growing Green, written by Society members, appears biweekly.

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