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Two-way conversion plan parked for tune up

 By Kevin Werner, News Staff

 Hamilton politicians have parked plans to convert a number of one-way streets to two way to give the entire community time to discuss the issue.

“There have been all sorts of issues involved,” said Ward 1 Brian McHattie, an advocate for the conversion who agreed to delay work on the two-way conversion issue.

He acknowledged to his colleagues at the Dec. 6 general issue committee meeting, tabling of the issue will prompt some people in his ward to be upset.

But McHattie said there is a need for all residents from the lower city and on the mountain to debate the two-way conversion plan so they can better understand why there is need for it.

McHattie said the recent conversions of Cannon Street, MacNab, and Caroline has caused some outrage among suburban residents who drive along the roads. Yet residents living along those streets have lobbied the city to have the two-way conversion done as quickly as possible.

“(The debate) has been driven by ideological response,” said McHattie.

He said there is a desperate need to have a conversation between, for instance Ward one residents and Ward 8 residents.

“It’s question of fairness,” said McHattie. “We need to have a fairer discussion.

There are about 90 roads in Hamilton that are currently one way.

McHattie, Ward 2 councillor Jason Farr and Ward 8 councillor Terry Whitehead will meet to discuss how to proceed to review the next round of two-way conversions.

Whitehead has said in the past that converting a one-way street to two way affects not only residents in the lower city, but also those people living on the mountain who drive through the downtown.

Over the next few years roads that are scheduled to be studied for possible two-way conversion include Queen Street North, Bay Street North and South, Wilson Street,Victorian Avenue North, Wellington Street, Sanford Avenue South, Lock Street South and Main Street and King Street once the light-rail transit system is implemented.


One Response to “Two-way conversion plan parked for tune up”

  1. cheyzac says:

    The most idiotic thing I’ve heard of.This idea will cause a back up of traffic,It’s bad enough they make a bus only lane on king street west which adds another five minutes to get to Dundas but it will create more red light runners….

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