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Photo from Tim's Tribute

Photo from Tim's Tribute

Tim and Sharlene Bosma are pictured on their wedding day in this photo from the Tim's Tribute website.

Top online stories from 2013 a mixed bag

Topics ranged from prog rock to heinous local crimes

By Gordon Cameron
Managing Editor

While it would be quite rude to say that Hamilton Community News online readers are “Thick as a Brick”, according to readership data, it might be apt as the single most viewed article in 2013 on was Gord Bowes’ interview with former Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson.

The piece “Living in the past and present” discusses Anderson’s Thick as a Brick 2 which looks at what could have happened to Gerald Bostock, the central character from the progressive rock masterpiece Thick as a Brick.

At the time Anderson was on tour and coming to Hamilton Place where he was to perform both Thick as a Bricks.  Interestingly, this story went viral through Facebook and attracted more readers from outside of Canada than inside the country.

The next two most read stories dealt with heart-breaking subject matters that struck a chord with readers both online and in the papers.

A Nov. 27 story on Dawn Kowalchuk being sentenced to 12 months probation after being convicted of animal cruelty related to the neglect of  a dog named Porche that was found emaciated and suffering from severe eye distress. The vet who examined the animal rated its pain at 9 out of 10 and determined that no treatment options were available. As a result the dog was euthanized. (Be advised that the online version of this article includes potentially disturbing images of Porche’s condition.)

No single topic generated as many pageviews as did the story surrounding the tragic death of Ancaster’s Tim Bosma who was murdered after taking two men for a test drive in Dodge Ram pickup. Of all the Bosma-related articles on the website the one that received the greatest pageviews were the statements of Police Chief Glenn De Caire and Superintendent Dan Kinsella upon the arrest of suspect Dellen Millard. Millard and Mark Smich have both been charged with first-degree murder. Their pre-trial hearing is expected to take place in fall 2014.

Overall, traffic on was up by 3.3 per cent over 2012.

Top 10 from

1. Living in the past and present, by Gord Bowes. Posted Sept. 3, 2013. Former Jethro Tull frontman Ian Anderson talks about his follow-up to his masterwork Thick as a Brick.
2. Hamilton woman gets 12 months probation for animal cruelty conviction, by Staff. Posted Nov. 27, 2013. Dawn Kowalchuk’s sentence after being convicted of neglecting her dog Porche.
3. Tim Bosma arrest complete statement from police. Posted May 12, 2013. Comments from Chief Glenn De Caire and Inspector Dan Kinsella on the arrest of Dellen Millard.
4. Clinic coming to Stoney Creek, by Laura Lennie. Posted April 24, 2013. A preview of the Southmount Health Care Centre.
5. Target eyes summer opening on Upper James, Meadowlands. Posted March 20, 2013. Projected dates for the opening of Target stores in Hamilton.
6. Hiring underway at Maple Leaf, by Mark Newman. Posted July 25, 2013. New meat processing plant starts its search for workers.
7. Ribfest planned for Ancaster Fairgrounds, by Kevin Werner. Posted March 8, 2013. The announcement of a new attraction for Heritage Days.
8. Mother’s no longer a fading memory, by Laura Lennie. Posted March 20, 2013. Mother’s Pizza is reborn in Stoney Creek.
9. Easter egg hunts across the city. Posted April 5. List of festive events for kids at Easter.
10. Police bust cocaine smuggling ring, by Mike Pearson. Posted Oct. 25. Two Stoney Creek residents face charges after large drug bust.


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